Last summer I had the bright idea to head south in late July. I’m not going to say it was a horrible idea because, honestly, we had a fabulous week. But- it was a tad hot- even for me. If 100% of our plans included a pool or the ocean, it would have been the perfect vacation. Instead, we spent several days at theme parks and doing some non-water outdoor activities.

Please don’t get me wrong- I’m NEVER going to turn down a vacation. If I get the opportunity to head south again this July- I’m in. But, I will admit there are some places that are absolutely the BEST places to go in the summer months! Weather, of course, plays a large roll in making these places ideal summer spots. More than that, though, the charm and landscape in these areas come alive in June, July and August.

Here are my 5 picks for the best places to visit:

  1. Upper Peninsula, Michigan
  2. Kennebunkport, Maine
  3. Glacier Park, Montana
  4. Anywhere In Alaska
  5. Boston, Massachusetts 

Gorgeous day on the shores of Lake Superior.

Where would you like to go this summer?

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