Our travels take us all over- to very diverse locations. My kids generally embrace every trip- whether I tell them we’re going skiing in the mountains, touring a big city or visiting a National Park. But there’s one question they ask on every trip, no matter where we’re going.

Are there going to be hotel pools?

Pools are a BIG deal to my kiddos. When we aren’t traveling, we pretty much forward our mail to the neighborhood pool (as in, we practically move in!) Personally, I enjoy going to the pool for the sun and social aspect- but not necessarily the pool itself. But my children feel quite differently. They are always content with a small pool or even a cold pool. But they never forget the super awesome pools of our travels.

One of our most memorable hotel pools -The Marriott Wailea Beach Resort in Maui.

When I plan travel I try to take my children’s passion for swimming into consideration. Allowing time during a trip to swim in our hotel pools is such a win/win. They make memories and enjoy the experience. Plus, they get their energy out- which makes going to sleep in a hotel room or sitting in a car or plane more bearable.

Most often hotel pools are just a bonus of a trip. However, occasionally hotel pools are the actual destination. We’ve enjoyed several trips with ridiculously fun pools. In fact, two of our favorites are recognized in the recent article by Trivago. Their list breaks down the country by region and identifies 2-3 hotels per area. Judging from the ones we’ve been to- I’d say the list is spot on!

If you are looking for some fabulous hotel pool destinations- look no further than this list!

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