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20 Things To Do In Atlanta This Summer

As I mentioned yesterday, I’d like to inspire and encourage the “tourist in your own town” mentality this summer. So I’m doing a series of posts about things to do in specific cities with kids this summer. Over the next few weeks I’ll highlight lots of major cities Continue reading 20 Things To Do In Atlanta This Summer

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The Great American Eclipse: Coming August 2017

My little girl loves science. Over the years various teachers encouraged the obsession. She enjoys reading non-fiction books about animals, plants, and solar systems. Her favorite activities involve the word- “experiment.” We’re constantly Continue reading The Great American Eclipse: Coming August 2017

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A Book Set In Every State

I have mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating: our family loves to read. My daughter walks around with her nose buried in a book about 99% of the time. Tucking my son in at night requires moving about 30 books from his bed. Admittedly, my own reading has significantly decreased during this season of life; however, I still LOVE a good book. In fact, since I have less time to read I cherish the time I do have even more!

When we travel- especially on beach trips- I make sure to bring several books. Occasionally all the stars align and I find TONS of time to read. (Other times I’m not so lucky- for example our most recent trip. I packed 4 books for almost 20 hours of airline travel. Then I read a grand total of 189 pages.)

I had high hopes for our trip to Ireland…unfortunately, I hauled a ton of extra weight for nothing!

Anyway, I found an intriguing list the other day. It’s a list of the most famous book set in each of the 50 States. Although I’ve only read a few (actually, I’ve only even heard of a few!), I still like the list. It’s doubtful that I’ll read my way down the list, but it’s a great resource for selecting more books to add to my reading list. Check out the list here.

What book is sitting on your nightstand waiting to be read?

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The Ultimate U.S. Landmark List

Y’all, I love lists. Not just a little, but a massive LOVE. I make bucket lists, to-do lists, and prayer lists. I make lists of things I know how to cook and of go-to disciplines for my children. And of course, packing lists.

Not to sound completely crazy- though at this point, it may be too late- but I often make Continue reading The Ultimate U.S. Landmark List

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