Last spring I sat down to plan a 2-week road trip through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states. You can read more about my planning here. But to recap- our family spent 14 days traveling through 13 states and even into Canada. Although at first glance that seems to mathematically work out perfectly- one state per day plus a day in Canada- but in reality, it didn’t work like that.

Working with so many states in such a short amount of time proved to be more difficult than I could imagine. I planned and re-planned our route. Initially I allocated a whole day to exploring Connecticut; however, as the schedule shifted time dwindled to just an overnight stop plus the next morning.

In all honesty- Connecticut wasn’t at the top of my radar. It got wedged in between two exciting destinations: Boston and New York City. The more I planned for those two cities, the less time I left for exploring Connecticut.

So once our road trip timeline was set in stone and the hotels were booked I began to investigate what we were actually going to do. Much to my disappointment I found that there were TONS of amazing, family-friendly destinations in the state. Having left only one short morning- and needing to stick fairly close to our travel route- I realized quickly I’d underestimated the time I wanted to spend in Connecticut!

Of course, there was obvious disappointment as I looked over the options and realized we didn’t have time for any of them. I kept wishing I could stretch our trip by 2 or 3 more days so we could cover more of Connecticut. But, alas, I’ll just have to plan for a future trip. Here are all the places on my bucket list for the state:

Connecticut was the ONLY state on our 13 state road trip where we struggled to find a safe “Welcome to…” sign for pictures. We had to settle for a picture with the flag at a rest stop.

So you might be wondering- with all these AMAZING options, what did we end up doing? Honestly…nothing. We did spend the night in CT, but when we woke up in the morning eager to explore a few lighthouses the heavens opened. After driving the coast in monsoon style rain with such poor visibility that we could barely even see the lighthouses from our car- we gave up and headed to New York.

Connecticut is definitely at the top of our “can’t wait to do over” state bucket list!

What are your favorite things to do there? 

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