For my husband’s sake, I would like to say that I TOTALLY can’t relate to this video. We never, ever find leftover food in my car after a vacation.

But that would be a lie. We do. Often.

When we bought my car I was bound and determined that we wouldn’t eat in it. There was going to be absolutely no food at all allowed within a 5 foot radius of my car. And, also, water was the only drink allowed.

Fast forward like 2 days, and I was in a hurry. I allowed my child to drink a green smoothie in the car (don’t even ask me what I was thinking?!?!)┬áSaid child spilled the smoothie and the rest is history.

Honestly though, eating in the car is a lifesaver when you travel. Some family members eat slower than others, and it’s nice not to lose valuable travel time waiting (or, in my case, eating.) Additionally, if we stopped every time someone was hungry, we would never reach our destination.

IMG_7601 IMG_7603

I do my best to make sure we clean our car out quickly after every trip. I’m not a big fan of finding stinky, old leftover food in my car. More often than not, my problem is not the age of the food, but the size. Somehow my children can manage to crush a small goldfish cracker into about a million pieces.

Can you relate? Either way…the video makes me laugh! I just love the Holderness Family!

Do you allow your family to eat in the car? How often do you find old food after a trip?

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