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Making Lemonade Out Of Bad Plans

A few weeks ago our pastor told a story from his recent vacation. He shared about an evening walk he took on the beach. And at this particular beach cars were allowed to drive in the sand. As the family walked, they noticed a car that looked very out of place among...

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5 Fun Travel Facts

Here are a few fun travel facts to enjoy today: At any single moment in the United States, there are at least 61 thousand people in airplanes on or above the country. Yes, you read that right- that number isn't an average- it's a MINIMUM! Crazy to think about, huh?...

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5 Ways You Can Help Texas Recover From Harvey

Let's get together and HELP TEXAS! The images coming out of Southeast Texas are devastating. So many have lost their homes, their vehicles and every earthly possession. It's hard to watch without feeling completely helpless. I'll admit, I've been tempted to jump in...

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Worldschool 101

The moment I first heard the word worldschool, I fell in love with the concept. If you aren't familiar with the phrase yet, just wait. A quick search produced tons of information calling worldschooling the "hot new buzz word" and "a trend rapidly catching on."...

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2017 Fall Foliage Prediction Map

There are a few things I don't like about fall: pumpkin spice ANYTHING; shorter days; and the fact that winter is the next season. However, despite these obvious shortcomings- fall is pretty awesome. And, the best part of the whole season- FALL FOLIAGE! Unfortunately...

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To Travel During Hurricane Season…Or Not

Did anyone else spend all weekend watching The Weather Channel? As with any major weather event, I found myself glued to the coverage of Hurricane Harvey. Of course, my prayers have been with all those affected. The devastation and flooding in Texas is heartbreaking....

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Extended Camping With Kids

Guest Post from Allyson (If you happened to miss my set up for this post, go back and read it HERE.) Extended.Camping.With.Kids. Yup, you read that right. I mean, camping with kids sounds hard enough, why in the world would you go on an extended camping...

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The Best Hotel Pools In The Country

Our travels take us all over- to very diverse locations. My kids generally embrace every trip- whether I tell them we're going skiing in the mountains, touring a big city or visiting a National Park. But there's one question they ask on every trip, no...

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Round-Up of Eclipse Tips

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware that there's a Solar Eclipse happening soon. I truly had no idea 3 months ago when I wrote The Great American Eclipse: Coming August 21st that it was going to be such a THING! Holy cow- there is...

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Visiting Stone Mountain -Georgia

A few weeks ago our family got the opportunity to spend the day at Georgia's most popular tourist attraction- Stone Mountain. Although I grew up in Atlanta and visited as a child- I had no idea how much my kids (and husband) would love it! Not to date...

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10 Years Of Traveling With Kids

10 years ago today Brent and I went out to dinner for- what we knew would be- the last meal without a child. Or, at least a babysitter! Never mind that I felt like a whale and could hardly enjoy the food because my heartburn was so bad at that stage in the...

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New York City: in a Day & on a Budget

If you think you need a month and an unlimited budget to tour New York City, you're probably right. However, our family is living proof that it can actually be done in a day and on a budget. Don't get me wrong, this whirlwind tour is not for the faint of...

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