Kentucky Derby Day

Happy Kentucky Derby Day!

In honor of the Kentucky Derby, I wanted to post a throwback to my daughter’s first time on a horse. During a trip to Galena, Illinois we attended a rodeo and they were offering rides for the kids. Such fun memories from that evening! We love trying new experiences when we travel!

Enjoy watching the Derby today!

Which horse are you betting on?

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Friday Favorite: State Smarts Card Game

Today’s Favorite Travel Product: State Smarts Card Game

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a travel education item. But I’m coming back with a bang because this one is AWESOME!

Rather than re-writting it in my own words, here is the awesome teaser from the back of the box: “State Smarts is packed full of interesting and Continue reading Friday Favorite: State Smarts Card Game

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Best Coastal Beach Towns In America

Today is May 1st and that means my head is already at the beach. I am a total, beach-loving girl! With so much giddiness and joy I marked off the whole week on our master kitchen chalkboard calendar last night. We’ve had our trip booked for months, but to see it up there for THIS MONTH is so exciting! I cannot wait to have my toes in the sand.

Naturally, I’m going to gravitate to anything beachy this month (so brace yourself!) I pretty much consider myself an expert, but still I love Continue reading Best Coastal Beach Towns In America

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Over In Killarney, Ireland

I’ve had a lot of favorite days in my life. I consider myself extremely blessed to be able to recall so many amazing experiences. And, at any given moment, I might select a different day as my very favorite. However, currently if you asked- hands down, without hesitation- I would answer “my day in Killarney.”

Over the last month a lot of people have asked about our trip to Ireland. I’ve enjoyed reliving all the details of our amazing trip. But each time I try to Continue reading Over In Killarney, Ireland

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