Today’s Favorite Travel Product: The Plane Manners Book

As someone super passionate about travel, it’s been difficult for me to sit back and watch so many negative airline stories lately. It’s hard to avoid though. The media is obsessed with featuring any individual that’s both at an airport and acting ugly. Whether it’s an employee or a customer, a bullseye seems to currently reside on that market.

I’ve done my very best to stay neutral when hearing about these situations. Even with YouTube videos and eye-witness interviews, there’s always more to the story. And, I’m well aware that everyone has bad days. I know I wouldn’t want a video of me on my worst days! But, that being said, things do seem to be getting out of hand. I don’t plan to comment on any of the specific stories, but I will make my personal thoughts clear:

  1. Air travel will never exist without a hitch. Weather needs to be monitored and taken into consideration. Planes need repair. Things happen. And honestly, I’m grateful that safety trumps schedules.
  2. As a consumer I understand that I’ve paid for a service that delivers me from Point A to Point B. I expect that to happen. However, I realize that things happen (refer back to #1.) When things happen, I want it to be made right as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  3. Manners matter. Even when circumstances aren’t ideal, there’s never a reason to treat people poorly. Throwing a tantrum isn’t a grown-up way to handle situations.

All of this long story to say- months ago I searched for a book on Plane Manners for my children. I found this awesome book and couldn’t wait to share it. The kids and I read through it several times. Although the words and pictures are silly, they reinforce great habits for children.

Bright fun illustrations

The ten “tips” featured in the book are easy to understand and fun for children to practice. Although we did not actually take our copy of the book on our most recent trip, both kids were able to recite lines from the book as needed (for behavior reminders) throughout our travel. It was a fun way to get their attention and help them remember their plane manners.

Nice reminders for all of us!

The back of the book even has a log book for children to record their flights. It’s uniquely shaped and includes a suitcase like handle and luggage tag. I think all children will love it as much as mine do. And parents will appreciate the helpful hints on manners.

Flight log book

To bring closure to the soapbox I started with…my daughter unfortunately saw part of a very negative airline video. She’s not exposed to a lot of media so I know she was shocked. The first words out of her mouth were: “Mommy, I think he needs a copy of our Plane Manners Book.”

Order your copy Here.

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