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by | Jul 20, 2017

‘Hat Training Day’ And Why It Saves A Vacation

A few years ago I helped my husband prepare for an upcoming interview. We ran through a series of typical questions and together we brainstormed about some situational answers he could use. I remember one question touched on his greatest career accomplishment. I...

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A Visit To Lawton Stables- Hilton Head Island, SC

Last week on Hilton Head Island we visited Lawton Stables. The Island is one of our top vacation destinations and I'm always looking for new activities to try. My daughter- in particular- has a love for horses and has always wanted to go on a trail ride. I can say,...

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Sun Tips From A Crunchy-ish Mama

20 years ago if you asked me about the person I'd be today, I could have painted a fairly accurate picture. However, one aspect of my life that I never saw coming was turning into a crunchy-ish mama. I use the term loosely because there are several aspects of being a...

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Best Coastal Beach Towns In America

Today is May 1st and that means my head is already at the beach. I am a total, beach-loving girl! With so much giddiness and joy I marked off the whole week on our master kitchen chalkboard calendar last night. We've had our trip booked for months, but to see it up...

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21 Free (or Inexpensive) Things To Do At The Beach

As spring break and summer approach, one of the most fun and affordable vacations is a trip to the beach. Although you will still incur the cost of travel, lodging and food- entertainment is virtually free! Personally, I need no prompting on how to enjoy myself on a...

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Favorite Month To Go To The Beach

It's official. The last week of my life *might* have ruined all future beach trips for me. We hit the jackpot weather-wise for our family beach trip. While unexpected, October is absolutely my new favorite month to go to the beach! (Although, I'm going to keep testing...

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The Best of Carolina Beach

I've written this before, but it's worth saying again- our family tends to be creatures of habit when it comes to beach vacations. We select our favorite beaches, eating establishments, and activities and stick to them. Lately we're working hard to break out of our...

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