In a city where speed is essential to success, the SEA LIFE Aquarium stands at stark contrast to the industry surrounding it. Concord, North Carolina calls itself the city “where racing lives” because of NASCAR. ¬†One might argue that life in Concord revolves around racing. However, no one has bothered to tell the fish that they aren’t the stars of the town! And visitors to SEA LIFE will feel anything but rushed as they enjoy the thousands of sea creatures.

My two crazies ready to go on an underwater adventure at SEA LIFE.

Last week our family had the opportunity to visit SEA LIFE Aquarium. Despite having visited many other aquariums, we left feeling very impressed! For starters, the aquarium staff went out of their way to interact with my children. They could not have been nicer, or more knowledgable. My daughter is not only outgoing, but she actually has a pretty extensive marine life education. To say that she was in her element interacting with the staff would be an understatement! They each showed incredible patience as they painstakingly answered ALL of her questions (and she had A LOT!)

The jelly fish were one of our favorite exhibits.

In addition to the personal attention the staff gave our family, we loved the accessibility of information about each exhibit. Large display panels gave fun facts, while touch-screen computers allowed guests to read every detail about each fish located inside a tank. My son, especially, enjoyed finding the specific fish in the tank and then reading all about them.

It’s always fun when you’re allowed to touch the animals.

Another aspect of the SEA LIFE Aquarium I found refreshing was the attention to the atmosphere. From the moment we entered the building, we were transformed into an underwater oasis. There is clear glass viewing for every eye level- even very little ones. The lighting made everything feel magical. My children were even given booklets to stamp throughout our visit. The booklets encouraged guests to learn facts, or look thoroughly at information. We enjoyed filling up our book, and REALLY enjoyed the medal at the end!

Hands down, our favorite fish at SEA LIFE!

As I mentioned, SEA LIFE Aquarium calls Concord, North Carolina home. For those unfamiliar, Concord is essentially a suburb of Charlotte. The Aquarium is open 7-days a week and offers many fantastic options to save on tickets. For example, purchasing online will save guests $5 per ticket. Also on “Toddler Tuesday” guests buy one adult ticket for $15 and get one child’s ticket free. Additional children are only $5. Visit their website for more information.

The glass tunnel gives guests a true “insiders perspective” to ocean life.

Our family thoroughly enjoyed our visit to SEA LIFE and we look forward to returning soon!

We weren’t even out the door and they were asking when we could come back.

*Mom With A Map is grateful to SEA LIFE for hosting us during our visit.*

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