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20 Things To Do In Atlanta This Summer

As I mentioned yesterday, I’d like to inspire and encourage the “tourist in your own town” mentality this summer. So I’m doing a series of posts about things to do in specific cities with kids this summer. Over the next few weeks I’ll highlight lots of major cities Continue reading 20 Things To Do In Atlanta This Summer

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21 Free (or Inexpensive) Things To Do At The Beach

As spring break and summer approach, one of the most fun and affordable vacations is a trip to the beach. Although you will still incur the cost of travel, lodging and food- entertainment is virtually free!

Personally, I need no prompting on how to enjoy myself on a beach for days on end. Likewise, my children play easily without much encouragement. I think it’s safe to say that we’re beach-people! However, that’s not the case for everyone. For that reason, many touristy beaches have all sorts of activities to draw you away from the sand. These attractions also come with a cost! What could have been a relatively inexpensive trip will add up fast if you start paying for activities.

In order to avoid the temptation Continue reading 21 Free (or Inexpensive) Things To Do At The Beach

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Friday Favorite- States And Capitals Book

Friday Favorite

Today’s Favorite Travel Product: States And Capitals Christian Wipe-Clean Book

Love this product!
Love this product!

For me, a large part of travel includes educating my kids. I want my kids to learn about our country and our world through experience. But, at the same time, there’s an element of memorization through home activities that adds value to their experiences. Additionally, practicing what they learn helps  reinforce what we’ve learned through travel.

While there are A LOT of resources to help kids with states and capitals, this book is the best! Here are a few reasons why I love this States And Capitals Book:

  1. Multiple Activities: This book contains multiple activities for kids to help reinforce the names of states and capitals. There is a word search, matching, labeling, and a word scramble for kids to practice. Additionally, kids can fill out information about their own state including the governor and historical figures from the state.

    So many great activities to keep my kids busy!
    So many great activities to keep my kids busy!
  2. Christian: This States and Capitals book has a Christian theme throughout every page. From the words “In God We Trust” to a psalm, every page points to God. Our country was founded on Christian principal and despite the current political culture, I want my kids to know the principals that shaped our government.
  3. Wipe-Clean: My kids have an obsession with dry erase markers. While I don’t fully understand the appeal, any activity involving them is a favorite for the kids. I also love that my 4-year old can “try” with these pages without fear of messing up.
  4. Song: Along with the book, your purchase includes a downloadable praise song to help memorize the states and capitals. This song alone is worth the price of the activity book!

Visit this website to purchase a copy of the States and Capitals Christian Wipe-Clean Book:

States & Capitals Christian Wipe-Clean Book

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Friday Favorite- Passport Sticker Set

Friday Favorite

Today’s Favorite Travel Product: Travel Adventures Passport Sticker Set

The Passport Sticker Set
The Passport Sticker Set

Typically I recommend travel products that I’ve used before with my family. Every once in a while I get excited about a product that turns out to be a total flop when we actually test it out. Likewise, I’ve been skeptical in the past about certain products that have turned out to be ones we love.

For those reasons, I rarely (and maybe I could go so far as to say “never”) recommend a product before we test it out. However, I’m so excited about the Passport Sticker Set that I couldn’t wait another minute to share.

Love this product!
Love this product!

 In searching for new and creative ways for my kids to document our travel, I stumbled upon this gem. Honestly, my initial plan was to let my 4-year old use this as his scrapbook. I mentioned in a previous post that my daughter has been keeping her own scrapbooks for each state we visit (Chronicling Family Trips.) She loves collecting brochures, facts, and pictures for her scrapbooks. But the projects have my son feeling a tad left out. He isn’t writing yet and I struggle in helping him feel included (because my 9-year old certainly doesn’t want him touching her work!)

So in searching I found the most perfect solution! Passport Sticker Set will let him keep his own little memory book of the trip with easy to use stickers. I intended for him to use the Passport Book actively as we travel, placing stickers as we visit certain locations. I also saw this book being a fantastic place for him to put other stickers we collect on our travels- from museums to state parks.

I say “initial plan” and “intended” because I’ve had a tiny hiccup in my thoughts. My daughter loves it too. She saw it on my desk and went crazy with excitement. Apparently, this is going to be a family activity!

The Passport Sticker Sets come in a huge variety of cities, states and locations. Each one comes with very specific stickers; however, the books themselves are generic.

I ordered the Chicago set knowing we'll return to one of our favorite cities soon!
I ordered the Chicago set knowing we’ll return to one of our favorite cities soon!

I love that the books provide space to record memories in addition to the space for using the stickers!

Lots of space for stickers and to write memories.
Lots of space for stickers and to write memories.

Passport Sticker Sets are available through the Daron Toys website. Or follow these links to order specific ones from Amazon:

San Francisco
New York City
Washington Dc
New Orleans

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Holiday Travel Games

As room mom for my daughter’s class, I spent a lot of time over the last couple weeks looking at various holiday themed games and activities for her class party. Sorting through the possibilities, I realized how perfect many of them would be for holiday car or airline travel!

ChristmasactivitiesChristmasactivitieschristmasactivities christmasactivities1Christmasactivities2

Here are a few suggestions for holiday themed travel games or activities:

Christmas Mad Libs- here or here

Christmas Themed Learning Worksheets- here or here

Christmas Bingo- here

Christmas I-spy- here

Christmas Scavenger Hunt- here or here

What other Christmas activities could you play in a car or on a plane?

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