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Get Ready For Your Next Trip

As often as our family travels, you would probably assume we’ve got the ultimate process in place for preparing for our trip. But if I’m being completely transparent, I’ll admit I almost always drop the ball on something. It’s not usually anything major- I’ll forget to stop the mail or get a pet sitter. It’s not uncommon for Continue reading Get Ready For Your Next Trip

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Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling


When you travel, it’s important to protect your home. Keeping your belongings safe while you are away can be a matter of a few simple steps:

  1. Stop Your Mail and Paper: If you have several piled up papers in the driveway or a mailbox full of mail, you might as well just put a sign in the yard that says “we’re out of town.” Stopping your mail is very easy and takes about 3 minutes. Visit this website to hold your mail for the duration of your vacation. Accumulated mail can, conveniently, be delivered at the end of your hold dates. Newspapers vary, but can most often be stopped online. Unfortunately, most are unable to deliver missed papers.
  2. Remember Trash and Recycling: If you are out of town on a trash/recycle day, make arrangements with your neighbors. The lack of a trash can on pick up day can be a red flag that you are gone. Also, if your trash can and recycle bin sit down at the curb after being emptied, that is a pretty good indication that you’re not home.
  3. Set Your Alarm: We have a really nice alarm system. It’s high tech and awesome. But it is user dependent. We have definitely gone out of town in the past and forgotten to set it. Obviously, it can’t do any good if it’s not on. However, we have the ability to set it from our mobile device if we forget to arm it prior to leaving town. And, we have a feature where we can turn on lights and check cameras from our phones too. Investing in your safety and then USING your investment is never a waste!
  4. Invest in Outdoor Lighting: We have changed most of the lighting on the sides and rear of our house to motion sensor lights. Although we also like turning on our other outdoor lighting, the motion sensor lights are a great deterrent to anyone exploring your property. It is simple to have these always on and they do not depend on us leaving lights on full time while we are away.
  5. Alert Your Neighbors: We always try to tell at least one or two of our neighbors when we’ll be gone. It’s nice to know that someone will be looking out for your house and will call you if they notice anything unusual. Also, putting papers and mail on hold will eliminate those things from piling up. Unfortunately, they don’t stop UPS and FedEx from delivering. Or any other random deliveries (fliers on mailbox, dry cleaning, etc.)

Obviously, nothing is fool proof…but these tips should help keep your house safe while you are away.

What else do you do to keep your home safe when you travel?

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