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The Great American Eclipse: Coming August 2017

My little girl loves science. Over the years various teachers encouraged the obsession. She enjoys reading non-fiction books about animals, plants, and solar systems. Her favorite activities involve the word- “experiment.” We’re constantly Continue reading The Great American Eclipse: Coming August 2017

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The Best of Idaho

A few days ago Miller came into the kitchen while I was making dinner. “Hey Mommy” he said. “Can we please go to the egg state soon?”

“Suuure” I hesitantly replied as I racked my brain trying to figure out which state he could be talking about. Is there a state that resembles an egg? Or possibly is there a state famous for their egg production? And if so, how does my 5-year old know about that when I don’t?

Thoroughly studying the map.

I mentally ran through all 50-states as I plated dinner. When my daughter wandered in to set the table I asked her. “Hey, Mary Grace, do you know which state is the egg state?” It embarrasses me to admit this, but my question led to an actual conversation between the two of us. We concluded that possibly there’s a state known for chickens and therefore, eggs. Or we decided he could be talking about Iowa because if you really stretch your imagination it looks like a sideways egg.

In hindsight I wasted entirely too much time thinking. After sitting down at the table and blessing our food, I finally got the chance to ask Miller about the egg state. “Oh” he replied, “it’s right next to the whale state.” In his mind, this answer was obvious.

Wait what?

“The egg state that’s next to the whale state on my map” he said.

I couldn’t handle the suspense another minute. I instructed him to get said map and he proceeded to point to Idaho. It turns out, the egg was really a potato. Everything suddenly became much clearer to me, but Miller seemed unwilling to accept the information. “Uggg, I don’t like potatoes” he informed me. Sorry, Idaho, you’re much less appealing to my 5-year old now!

Looks like a potato to me…next to the whale state!

In the event that you have normal children who enjoy potatoes and would delight in visiting “the Potato State,” here are a few great resources:

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30 Awesome Things To Do In Boise

Shoshone Falls

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I think I’m ready to go now…even if he’s not interested anymore! What is your favorite thing to do in Idaho?

If you are interested in an awesome map like the one pictured above, follow this link to Sign up for the Little Passports program. My kids LOVE learning about each state! *This is an affiliate link and I will receive a small compensation if you purchase through my link.*

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