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50 Amazing Places In The US To Take Your Kids

I can never resist a list. I really enjoy looking at different suggestions for places to go and see. And, for as many travel suggestion lists I’ve looked through- I’ve always found at least one new suggestion to add to my list.

I recently stumbled on a list from Good Housekeeping. They kept their list simple by making one suggestion for every state. And thus compiled a list of 50 amazing places in the US to take your children.

In reading through the list I can wholeheartedly Continue reading 50 Amazing Places In The US To Take Your Kids

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Best Small Town Theme Parks To Visit This Summer

Birthdays are always a hot topic at my house. It doesn’t matter if your birthday is 364 days away, we’re planning for it. Ironically, it’s not me (anymore)- it’s my children who’ve taken over the topic. They love discussing their pick for birthday meal. There’s always running conversation about Continue reading Best Small Town Theme Parks To Visit This Summer

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Inspired Parenting From The Bachelor

Yep. I’m unapologetically going there.

For starters, yes I still watch The Bachelor. And yes, I know it’s junky reality TV. Reality TV is my one thing. I’m willing to bet though, that the majority of people who read this post are also fans of The Bachelor. So again, not apologizing.


Now that we’re past that…I will say I was completely inspired by last week’s episode. For those of you who read my New Year’s Resolutions (full post here), you might remember that I “resolved” to teach my kids about the 50 states this year. More specifically, I planned to teach them capitals, major cities, state shapelocation on a map, and interesting facts.

As you might guess, I’m referring to the geography portion of the show. In case you somehow missed it…

     Wow. Just wow.

And that is how I gained a little parenting inspiration from The Bachelor. State lessons started immediately. And we will add an extra emphasis on state shape, location and orientation!


I also recently added a “Travel Education” Board to my Pinterest. Be sure to follow me (by clicking here or clicking on the icon at the bottom of this post.)

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