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Best Places To See Fall Foliage

Best Places For Fall Foliage

As much as I hate to admit it, fall is officially in full swing. Even in the south, leaves are changing and the calendar keeps moving deeper into September.

Though I dislike the cooler weather, even I will admit there’s nothing more beautiful than fall foliage. And nothing cuter than kids with leaves!

I love photographing my kids with leaves!
I love photographing my kids with leaves!

Although I won’t even pretend to understand the complexities behind this weather phenomenon, rumor has it that this year’s fall foliage is expected to be the best in decades.

If you’re looking for some great spots to leaf-view this season, here are 18 places I recommend:

  1. Skyline Drive (Blue Ridge Parkway), Virginia
  2. Napa Valley, California
  3. Litchfield Hills, Connecticut
  4. Great Smokey Mountain National Park, Tennessee
  5. Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway, New Mexico
  6. Adirondacks, New York
  7. The Berkshires, Massachusetts
  8. Aspen, Colorado
  9. Acadia National Park, Maine
  10. Lost Maple State Natural Area, Texas
  11. Upper Peninsula, Michigan
  12. The Ozarks, Missouri
  13. Lake Champlain Islands, Vermont
  14. Fayetteville, West Virginia
  15. Chattahoochee National Forest, Georgia
  16. Glacier National Park, Montana
  17. Bardstown, Kentucky
  18. Leavenworth, Washington

I know, 18 is an odd number of places to recommend. 10 wasn’t quite enough. Then I ambitiously decided I’d do  50 before realizing there are some states that don’t even deserve honorable mention when it comes to fall foliage (hello, Florida!)  Also, I decided not to duplicate any state. Although, I could have easily listed Vermont locations for all 18 places on the list!

Road trips are my favorite way to view fall foliage. We always try to plan travel during peak leaf changing season even if the foliage itself isn’t our destination. Taking scenic routes on the way to your destination will provide beautiful backdrops.

Always pull your car over at an overlook to snap pictures and capture all the fall colors! And, of course, get a few pictures of your kids with the falling leaves!

Kids + Leaves
Kids + Leaves

Where is your favorite place to view fall foliage?

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Top 20 Dream Destinations In The World

Dream Destinations

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? And, I guess more importantly, how would you plan a trip to your dream destinations?

Regardless of how you answer the first question, if you said Pinterest for the second question then you’re not alone. Thousands of people are using Pinterest every day to “pin” ideas for their dream vacations.

Pinterest can be a phenomenal resource for travel! It’s also a great way to store and categorize information for future use. The cool thing about all of this is that technology can track all of the pins. Business Insider recently released this data.

So what would you guess are some of the top “pinned” dream destinations in the world?

If you guessed…


Hanoi, Vietnam


Musha Cay Island, Bahamas


Positano, Campania, Italy

…then you guessed the top 3 correctly! (And you are also a liar because there is NO WAY anyone guessed those 3 destinations!)

Additionally, I was excited to see that out of the top 20 dream destinations, 5 of them are in the U.S. Though, I will admit, I was slightly baffled that a couple of those places ranked so high. Locations in the U.S. included: New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; New Orleans, LA; Grand Canyon, AZ and Glacier National Park, MT.

To read the full list click here.

Interesting to note, in comparing this list to several “Top Travel Destination” lists I found very few similarities. No insight as to why, I’m just curious. I wonder how many people who “pin” vacation boards on Pinterest actually take the vacation?

What dream destinations are you pinning?

Also, this is a great time to mention- Mom With A Map is on Pinterest. Click here to view my boards. Be sure to “follow” me too! I love creating boards for our travel adventures!

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