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‘Hat Training Day’ And Why It Saves A Vacation

A few years ago I helped my husband prepare for an upcoming interview. We ran through a series of typical questions and together we brainstormed about some situational answers he could use. I remember one question touched on his greatest career accomplishment. I rolled my eyes as he scratched his head- stumped about what to say. And not because he couldn’t think of anything. But because he couldn’t narrow it down.

While he debated, I let my mind wander. At that point I’d been a stay-at-home mom for roughly 7 years. The idea of me Continue reading ‘Hat Training Day’ And Why It Saves A Vacation

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Get Ready For Your Next Trip

As often as our family travels, you would probably assume we’ve got the ultimate process in place for preparing for our trip. But if I’m being completely transparent, I’ll admit I almost always drop the ball on something. It’s not usually anything major- I’ll forget to stop the mail or get a pet sitter. It’s not uncommon for Continue reading Get Ready For Your Next Trip

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