My kiddos are both HUGE animal lovers. They literally fall in love with every animal they encounter. From a worm on a sidewalk, to a bear at the zoo- animals seem equally drawn to my children. In fact, it’s become the neighborhood joke that my daughter is truly the animal whisperer. She saves the frogs from drowning in our pool, and knows every dog/cat/hamster on our street.

Naturally, when we travel I gravitate towards animal related activities. We love visiting zoos and aquariums. Whenever possible I allow the kids to get hands on with nature. (Of course, with safety in mind!) We visit National Parks and nature centers. We’ve done trail rides and swum with dolphins. I also try to find unique destinations where the kids can both learn about animals and observe them. It’s definitely a treat when we get to pet, feed or interact with them.

Nothing better than making your children’s dreams come true! Swimming with dolphins at Discover Cove will always be a travel highlight.

Recently I stumbled on a list published by BuzzFeed titled- 11 Bucket List Destinations For Animal Lovers. Most of the destinations on the list are true DREAM vacation spots. I can’t even imagine how amazing it would be to observe some of these animals in their natural habitat. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing Polar Bears and elephants at the zoo…but in real life? My son’s favorite phrase- “best day ever” comes to mind!

Though almost impossible to narrow it down, if I had to pick my top choice right now I’d go with an African Safari. As mentioned in the article, Kruger National Park is home to the big 5: elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo, and leopard. Not to mention, TONS of other incredible species!

Click here to view the full list of Bucket List Destinations For Animal Lovers.

Do these animal adventure vacations interest you? If you could visit any of them, which one would you pick, and why?

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