Yesterday I wrote about our incredible experience visiting The College Football Hall of Fame. It was a fabulous family activity and I encourage everyone to visit. Read yesterday’s full post here.

A few tips to consider when visiting The College Football Hall of Fame:

  1. Wear Your Team Gear: Occasionally (more than I care to admit) when we travel, I pack for my husband. Our most recent trip to Atlanta was one of those instances. As I pulled out his favorite orange University of Tennessee polo from the suitcase, I could tell he was surprised. And maybe a little embarrassed. We weren’t actually going to a game, and yet I packed orange/white UT clothes for the entire family. Since there were no other options, he wore the clothes. It wasn’t until we were actually at the College Football Hall of Fame when he realized how acceptable it was for us to all be dressed in orange. Not only acceptable, but cool. Several others showed up that day in their team gear too. Our clothes made for great pictures, and lots of conversation! Definitely plan to wear your gear when you visit. DSC_2528
  2. Allow Plenty of Time: Full disclosure- I assumed we’d spend about 2 hours at The College Football Hall of Fame. 2 hours is usually when my kids start to max out on “good behavior” and we try to avoid total meltdowns in public. Thankfully, we didn’t have anything else planned for the afternoon and we ended up spending over 4 hours there (and we easily could have spent more if my husband hadn’t been so concerned about Atlanta’s rush hour situation!) You will want to allow a minimum of half a day to explore the Hall of Fame.
  3. Wear Tennis Shoes: Unless I’m running (which isn’t one of my hobbies!), I never wear tennis shoes. I’m always more comfortable in sandals, even if we’re going to be doing a lot of walking. But for once, I seriously regretted not having on tennis shoes. In the Chick-fil-A Skills Zone, you can attempt to kick a field goal. You can also run through a conditioning course and make a diving catch. Both of these things were impossible to attempt in my sandals. As I stood on the sidelines and watched everyone else in my family, I made a mental note to remember tennis shoes next time.                                                                                                        
  4. Come Hungry: When we travel we rarely plan to eat at museums. Not to generalize too much, but the food tends to be overpriced and mediocre. However, The College Football Hall of Fame has a Chick-fil-A walk-up window in the Skills Zone. Unfortunately, we’d eaten lunch prior to arriving so I didn’t think we were very hungry. But after 2 hours, we were definitely ready for a snack. It was awesome to be able to have a great snack/meal without leaving the building. The space is set up to make you feel like you are tailgating. It’s an awesome atmosphere with awesome food!
  5. Don’t Skip Anything: There is so much to experience at The College Football Hall of Fame that it would be easy to miss something. Make sure to either wait in line, or come back to it later. We genuinely enjoyed everything! A couple of the exhibits that we’d skipped on our first go through ended up being our favorites on our second time around. Also, it would be easy to miss the movie if you happen to walk by the theater when it’s already showing. Be sure to go back by! The movie is wonderfully done and very inspirational.
  6. Interact With The Employees: We loved chatting with the employees at The College Football Hall of Fame! They were all so friendly and knowledgable. We were able to learn so much from talking with them. Also, they did a wonderful job engaging the children. We spoke with a couple employees who were former college football players and it was neat to hear their stories too.
  7. Bring Your Wallet: Again, not to generalize, but I’m usually less than thrilled with gift shops. We have more souvenir stuffed animals than I can count, and there is rarely anything that I’m personally interested in. Unfortunately (for my hard working husband), the gift shop at The Football Hall of Fame is incredible. They have an impressive collection of team items, and tons of great tailgating staples. There is also a wide variety of football related stuff- from books to baby bibs. We were able to purchase several unique gifts to use for upcoming birthdays (not pictured, for obvious reasons!), as well as a couple quality souvenirs for our family!FullSizeRender


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