Road Trip

The calendar says ‘November’ which means the holiday season has officially begun. A recent study conducted by Orbitz concludes that between Thanksgiving and Christmas 72% of Americans will travel. Many will travel to be with family. While others will travel for an exciting getaway. (And how lucky are those whose travel is a combination of both! I keep trying to tell our family that we’d visit more often if they moved to the Bahamas! Ha!)

Of course, the best way to keep kids entertained and happy during the travel portion of a vacation is to plan ahead. Preparing some simple activities, games or other time occupiers help a road trip or air travel to be more enjoyable for everyone. Likewise, unique ideas for snacks and other forms of entertainment always help long travel be more pleasant.

In searching for new ideas, I hit the jackpot of all blog posts. Back in June, The Dating Divas rounded up 101 of the best tips and ideas for travel. Although many were not new to me, I couldn’t believe how many I’d never thought of before. Similarly, having them all together in one spot for reference simplifies the preparation work.

A few of my favorite new ideas included:

  • #7 Kid Clips For Road Trips
  • #10 Road Map on the Car Ceiling
  • #40 Travel Chalk (I would modify this a tad since chalk in the car sounds messy/dusty. However, I’ve never thought to bring chalk along for stops.)
  • #59 Printable Sewing Cards
  • #80 Postcard Travel Journal
  • #98 Snack Necklace

Visit the full post HERE for details on all of these ideas, and TONS more tips. This is seriously the best, most complete list I’ve ever seen!

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