Travel is REAL

Over dinner this evening my 8-year old daughter asked a question out of the blue…

“Hey Mom, when we go to California, can we visit Long Beach?”

My first instinct was to laugh out loud, but then I immediately did a little happy dance in my head. I LOVE that travel is real to her. She didn’t phrase the question “if we go to California” or even, “can we go to California.” Nope, she said “WHEN.”

When the little happy dance was over, I couldn’t wait to figure out what prompted this question. We don’t have a trip to California planned in the near future, and I certainly had no idea how she’d even heard of Long Beach. While I envisioned surfers and palm trees (very 90210-esq), she explained that she read about a boat, The Queen Mary, that is moored there.  Actually, her exact words were “The Queen Mary. It’s an old, famous boat that they don’t use anymore. It’s moored in Long Beach. Do you know what that means, Mom? It means it’s there permanently and it’s like a museum and hotel now.”

Okay, so besides the fact that she may not actually be my daughter (that’s not exactly my top activity choice when I think about going to California!), I’m so proud of her for planning her travel. I’m happy she read about a Historical Landmark and not only took the time to learn about it, but started planning her trip to visit!

While I might have overlooked The Queen Mary as a destination when I plan our California trip, thanks to my daughter I can’t wait to go. I’m so thankful Brent and I have been able to instill a passion for travel in our children. As they know, it’s not a question of “If”, but “when?”

Has anyone visited The Queen Mary? What else should we do in the Long Beach area? Looks like I’ll be planning a trip soon- I’d love to hear any tips or experiences!

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