Luray Caverns

Since their discovery in 1878, thousands of people have been flocking to Luray Caverns each year to discover a magical underground world.

Naturally, as we planned our trip to Virginia, we knew we needed to flock too!

Full of beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations, Luray Caverns is the largest formation of caverns in the East. The trail through the cave is close to a mile and a half, and the tour lasts about an hour. I can honestly say, our family enjoyed every step and every minute!

Dream Lake was my favorite part of the cave because it looks like a perfect mirror. The Lake reflects the stalactites, giving the illusion of a connected formation. Although the Lake appears to be very deep, it is only about 20 inches at its deepest point.

My kids really enjoyed the Wishing Well. If you are visiting the Caverns, be sure to have some spare change in your pocket!

Fun Fact: The water appears to be dyed a beautiful turquoise color, however it is just the copper from the pennies that make the water appear that color.

Every year Luray Caverns collects all of the change from the Wishing Well and donates the money to charity.

Another highlight of the cave for our family was this “fried egg” formation.

Luray Caverns is a designated National Landmark, and currently receives about half a million visitors each year. In addition to exploring the caverns, visitors can tour the Luray Valley Museum, the Car & Carriage Museum, Toy Town Junction, The Garden Maze, and several other active experiences.

The Car & Carriage Museum had an incredibly impressive collection!

Our 4-year old was particularly excited about all of the cars.

One of the kids’ favorite parts of the whole day was The Garden Maze. It was VERY impressive (and difficult!) Working together- and using a few of the clues- we were able to find all 4 of the stamp stations and eventually work our way to the exit.

 Luray Caverns is a little off the beaten path (unless of course, you’re just roaming around the Shenandoah Valley), but it’s absolutely worth going out of your way to experience! Our time at the caverns was active, educational and interesting.

To learn more about Luray Caverns visit their website.

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*Luray Caverns hosted our family, but the opinions expressed in this post are my own*

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