Travel Medicine and First Aid Bag

We rarely get sick. (Knock on wood, or whatever.)

But, the law of craziness says that if we are going to get sick…it’s likely going to be on vacation. In the middle of the night. Picture this…

It’s 3:00 in the morning on your third night of vacation and your little one wakes you up saying he “feels weird.” After saying a silent prayer that he isn’t about to throw up on you, you reach out and realize he is burning up.

Or shortly after going to bed at the hotel, your eyes start itching and watering. It takes a few minutes, but you finally realize even though you specified “no feather pillows” you somehow ended up in a room with all feather pillows.

As a family who rarely needs or uses medicine at home, I used to travel without giving medicine or first aid a second thought. But then the above scenarios happened. Multiple times.

And it finally dawned on me- the best way to ensure that it didn’t happen was to be prepared.

So a few years ago I decided to put together a Travel Medical/First Aid Bag. It stays packed and it’s always ready to go whenever we go.

Here are the supplies I keep in mine:

As you can probably see from the picture- most of the stuff is unopened.

Honestly, having this bag with me on trips seems to be the fool proof way of NOT needing medicine. My original plan had been to refill the kit after every trip, but now I’m having to check the date on the medicine to make sure it hasn’t expired!

I also keep this kit in my car glove compartment:

One thing I obviously can’t anticipate is prescription medicine. No one in our family is on prescription medicine on an ongoing basis. However, if someone is finishing up a prescription as we begin our travels I usually try to put the medicine bottle into my kit as soon as possible so I don’t forget it. If that’s not possible (those silly refrigerated prescriptions seem to be our MO of recent) then I write myself a note and stick it with our medicine bag.

**Hopefully this goes without saying, but I can’t end without mentioning it…please ALWAYS use caution when storing your medicines. Especially when traveling it’s easy to forget!**

Do you travel with medicine/first aid supplies?

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