5 Reasons For a Kid-Free Girls Weekend

Obviously, I love traveling with my family.

Exploring new places with my kids brings me so much joy. I also love traveling with just my husband. It’s much needed time away, and we are able to relax and recharge. Despite how much I enjoy traveling with my husband and kids, there is NOTHING like a trip with “the girls.”

Thankfully, over the years of our marriage, my husband has been very supportive of me occasionally taking time away with my best friends. I can admit, it hasn’t always come easy for us. I am the type of person who HATES missing anything.

Inevitably, when planning a trip with a group, there will always be a conflict. Even though it makes me sad to miss a baseball game, or school event, I know that my time away is important.

Traveling is a perfect way to invest in your friendships by spending very dedicated time with the people who are important to you. Traveling will also produce lifelong memories (and stories that you will laugh about for years to come!)

Beth from Twin Cities Moms Blog wrote a wonderful post called 5 Reasons You Need A Kid-Free Weekend With Your BFF.

In her post she documents 5 awesome reasons to take time away from your family and spend it with a friend. Personally, I don’t need an excuse to want to spend time traveling with my girlfriends (although, a reminder never hurts.) However, this is a GREAT list to show a spouse that may balk at a weekend in charge– ha! Read her full post here.

If you could get away with your friends for a weekend, where would you go?

Incidentally, my girls trip is on the calendar and I’m literally counting down the days. There may or may not be a paper chain hanging up at my house to mark the countdown!

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