Eating Our Way Through A 3-Day Weekend

One of my favorite parts of a 3-day weekend (okay…any weekend really) is eating. My husband really enjoys cooking, and weekends give him the opportunity to do so. We love cooking with family and friends.

We also enjoy eating out. It’s our tradition to eat lunch out after church on Sundays, but we also usually end up eating at least one other meal (or treat) out.

When we travel over a 3-day weekend, we enjoy eating out- which includes trying new things AND getting our favorites that we don’t have at home. We also try to incorporate some home cooked meals into our travel (if we are staying with family, friends or in a place with access to a kitchen.)

Our 4th of July weekend was full of good food- both home made and out. We typically eat pretty healthy at our house, but we throw health out the window on “special” occasions (like 3-day weekends.)

Some of our favorite things to cook for big get-togethers on weekends include anything Mexican, BBQ, and low country broil.

On the road we try to eat things we can’t get at home. During a recent trip to the midwest, we were all SUPER excited about having Culvers (especially their amazing concrete mixers!)

Did you have a favorite meal over your 3-day weekend?

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