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For the last 10 years I’ve listened to my best friend talk about Wyoming. It’s her favorite state. She’s slightly totally obsessed with everything about Wyoming. At one point she actually packed up and moved to Jackson Hole, WY. Unfortunately for me, her year in Jackson Hole coincided with my first pregnancy.

That year she sent me the most unbelievable pictures of her adventures. The mountains and the towns in her pictures were absolutely breathtaking. Through the photos I saw her jumping off cliffs into crystal clear water, and standing on top of mountains. Being at home with a month old baby that cried all night and seeing those pictures was hard. I can’t lie, I was super jealous.

For years, when she brings up Jackson Hole, those are the moments I remember. Me, at home holding a crying infant at 2AM, and her on top of mountains. But then I remind myself that while I was living life in flip flops, she wore 4-layers of fleece jackets 10 months out of the year. It’s a small consolation.

While I’m obviously glad she’s moved back to the south (and closer to me!), I can’t shake the disappointment that I never got to visit her in Wyoming. It’s this big highlighted place on my bucket list that I’m dying to cross off. I want those pictures to be mine!

As we begin to think about our travel goals for the next year, Wyoming keeps popping into my mind. For us, it would need to be a summer trip. I don’t love cold weather, and we don’t ski (although, that’s on the bucket list too!) As I began doing some research on family activities in Wyoming, here were a few of my favorite posts:

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I’ve decided I’m really going to have to channel my inner “outdoorsy girl” to make this trip fun. I do think it will be helpful and a little more enjoyable now that my children are past the toddler stage. I picture our family doing lots of the easy hikes and really exploring a lot of the national park areas. I can’t wait!

What are your favorite things to do in Wyoming?

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