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I have to preface this post by acknowledging that many of my readers will scratch their heads and wonder how this is even a post. I get it. You rummage through your children’s closets prior to a vacation and throw in whatever happens to be clean. I think that’s normal.

However, there are some of us that are crazy. And by crazy, I mean that planning our kids’ clothing is almost as important as planning the trip itself. I fall somewhere in the middle. There are certain trips- namely Disney- that I enjoy planning my kids’ clothing to match the theme of the vacation. In all honesty, Disney theme has to be the easiest because it is so broad. The brand is everywhere from Target, to high end boutiques. Also, many children already own some sort of Disney-themed clothing.

Recently a friend came to me and asked for help planning her children’s Disney outfits. Of course, my first instinct was to be insanely jealous about her upcoming surprise family trip. Once I got past that, I spent an unmentionable amount of time thinking about outfits for their 5-day trip. It’s safe to say that you’re crazy when you spend long amounts of time planning your own family vacation wardrobe. And you’ve officially hit another level when you spend time planning these details for someone else!

So in rounding up some ideas for her, I realized this might be a helpful post for anyone looking for some clothing inspiration.

  • Applique: While not the least expensive option, this might be my go-to favorite. The reason being- time is money. While you can run around everywhere (or spend time online) looking for the perfect shirts, by doing an appliqué you are able to order exactly what you want. I typically splurge on one set of appliqué shirts for my children per Disney trip. If you don’t already have a favorite “appliqué-r” (is that a word?), check out thousands of designs on Etsy.
  • Be Creative: A few years ago we planned a Disney trip less than a week out. It was a last minute phenomenal deal for our family. My one reservation, how was I going to plan outfits on such short notice? With no time for special orders and no time to order anything online, I resorted to “one stop shopping.” I hit up a massive consignment shop and found TONS of things perfect for each child. Example- the dress my daughter is wearing in the top picture. Also, I was able to re-purpose a Christmas outfit I picked up by adding mouse ears (see below picture.)
This boutique-looking Disney outfit cost less than $15 total!
  • Accessorize: An inexpensive way to create Disney outfits is to add accessories to the right color clothes. My children already had black and red clothes in their closet, and by adding the right mouse accessories- we looked like we put TONS of thought into their outfits.
These mouse accessories came from Party City.
  • Theme: You don’t always have to do Disney specific clothing to be part of the theme. Looking for great outfits to wear to the Animal Kingdom? Put your kids in anything with an animal print or with animals on it. Likewise, we chose to do a nautical theme several days on our Disney Cruise.
Use clothes you already own, and add in a piece or two to help with the theme!
  • Pajamas: Although my kids rarely need new clothes, I’m guilty of not always buying pajamas. However, my kids love new pjs and they always get a lot of wear out of them. Over the years I’ve really enjoyed buying them a new set of Disney themed pajamas for our trips. They love them, and it makes for awesome pictures. Plus, you can literally find Disney PJ’s in EVERY store- it will be the easiest purchase you make!
  • Holiday: Around the holidays, you can get away with anything theme-wise for vacation clothing. Disney does a huge Halloween celebration and many children wear their costumes. Likewise, around Christmas parents will dress their children up in their Christmas outfits. Again, no specific Disney theme necessary!
  • Dress-Up: When my daughter was younger I would just raid our dress-up bin for additional Disney outfits. She loved her princess dresses so much, and really loved the fact that I would let her wear them in public when it wasn’t Halloween.
Snow White, meet Cinderella
  • Outerwear: There’s nothing more disappointing than planning perfect Disney outfits, only to have them covered up. Keep in mind, the weather is always questionable. We’ve gone in April and froze, and we’ve gone in December and been sweaty. You just never know. I like to try to layer under short sleeve things so you can remove the bottom layer it if you get warm, yet still see the design in both cases. If you are going at a time where you are pretty certain it will be cold, it may be best to theme the outerwear (like a Disney sweatshirt.)

Regardless of what you wear to Disney (or on any trip, for that matter), you will have a wonderful time. As crazy as this sounds, sometimes theming my children’s clothes actually makes packing easier.

Do you have any tips for planning Disney-themed clothing?

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