Go To Your Happy Place

Dare I say, the weekend was emotional.

At one point or another, almost everyone in the United States got passionate about something. From politics, to weather to football, social media went crazy. Americans cried, cheered, marched, celebrated, and mourned. Many even banned together against a common enemy (the Patriots, of course!)

Celebrating Atlanta’s win!

Last night as storms raged in the South and a battle escalated in the North (on the football field), I couldn’t help thinking that a vacation would be nice.

Everything has just felt a little intense lately.

I’ve always prided myself on avoiding stress. I’m not a big fan, and I tend to just shut down when things get too stressful. So apparently my response to the weekend is start planning travel.

Recently CNN wrote an article about the 15 happiest places in the world.

Not surprising, they noted January as a typically depressing month. Reasons such as bad weather, and post-holiday fatigue are some reasons for the mood. Additionally, people are either still on their New Year’s diets and miserable, or have already failed at their goals. The article notes  a vacation to a happy place can be just the right cure for a rough January!

Definitely a fun place…but Wrigley Field probably wouldn’t make my Top 15!

Though I’ve only been to 2 of the 15 places listed in the article (Moonlite BBQ Inn in Owensboro, Kentucky and Wrigley Field in Chicago)- I feel like the places that made the list might be a tad subjective so I’m not even linking it to this post.

Everyone has a personal list of happy places.

Personally, I’d put The Road To Hana in Hawaii at the top of my list. Coming in a close second would be Harbour Town in Hilton Head, South Carolina. And rounding out my top three, is Discovery Cove in Florida.

My Happy Places

Where is your happy place? 

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