Carolinas Aviation Museum- North Carolina

My children have a fascination with ALL things plane related. I can’t say for sure if this love started from travel at a young age, or the Disney movie Planes. But one thing is for certain, they can’t get enough. They play with planes, watch movies (and documentaries) about planes, and- of course- they want to watch real planes whenever we’re outside.

For this reason, whenever we have the opportunity to visit any type of aviation museum, we jump on it! The Carolinas Aviation Museum sits adjacent to the Charlotte airport. The museum contains thousands of flight artifacts including some awesome fighter planes. However, it’s probably most famous for the US Airway A320 Airbus, or ‘The Miracle on the Hudson’ plane.

It’s pretty surreal to see this plane in person!

Although most people will never forget the images and story behind Flight 1549, many do not realize the intended destination was Charlotte Douglas Airport. Appropriately, the plane eventually made it’s way to Charlotte along with much of the wreckage collected at the scene. Guests of the museum will see luggage, clothing and other items on board at the time of the crash. Also, a timeline of events details the events as they unfolded on that cold  January day in 2009.

Many of the items in this case were collected out of the freezing water.

As I mentioned, the Carolinas Aviation Museum also houses military aircraft, historical memorabilia and all sorts of aviation archives. In addition to touring the indoor exhibit of planes, the Museum regularly opens its door to an active runway. Guests can gather outside to view more planes in the collection and an up close view of a CLT runway.

Not a ton of people can say they’ve had the opportunity to stand on an active runway!

Kids will absolutely love the experience of the Carolinas Aviation Museum! Be sure to ask about the Scavenger Hunt (2 versions depending on the age of the child.) We found the hunt challenging and fun- plus, it really helped my daughter learn some great plane trivia.

This scavenger hunt kept my daughter busy!

After you’ve completed your tour of the museum, don’t miss the opportunity to head to the Charlotte Airport Overlook. Despite also being on airport grounds, it’s about a 8-10 minute drive. The Overlook is a perfect spot for a picnic and the best vantage point for watching planes land!

Look how close we are standing to this plane landing!

To plan your visit to the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina- visit their website.

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