The Best Caves In America

Over the years I’ve tried my hand at a lot of different hobbies.

I love new adventures and I’m usually willing to try anything at least once. But of all things I’ve tried, probably the least
likely to become a favorite- caving. Yet, I LOVE it! Of course, the main reason I love it is because my kids love it.

Honestly, we stumbled on the passion quite accidentally.

Last year we took a spring trip to Virginia. After researching the top things to do, I kept coming back to Luray Caverns. On one hand, it certainly was a new opportunity. But on the other hand, it involved walking deep underground in a giant hole.

The slightly claustrophobic side of me wasn’t 100% sure, but I couldn’t get past the incredible pictures.

Just beginning our first caving experience- a tiny bit nervous, and very excited!

After 2 hours in Luray Cavern, my children wanted to know if we could do the tour again. (And actually they asked if we could live there. In the cave!)

They loved every second.

They also soaked up so much information and scientific facts. Although we couldn’t go back into the Caverns that day, we left promising we’d return and also try to visit more caves throughout our travels.

The Lost Sea is a cave in Sweetwater, Tennessee.

Most recently we visited The Lost Sea in Tennessee. Going deep into a cave, and then going out on a boat on America’s Largest Underground Lake is one of our travel highlights.

My kids talk about it a lot. In fact, one of my favorite memories from that adventure was my children practically leading the tour.

Somehow they retained a ton of knowledge from our first caving experience, and their commentary rivaled our tour guide. Other guests on the tour were so impressed. My daughter made sure everyone knew we explore caves “all the time.” (Keep in mind, we’d only been once before!)

So now we’re looking for more exciting caves to explore. I’ve been doing my research and here is my list of the 10 best caves in America:

  1. Mammoth Cave- Kentucky (World’s largest known cave system)
  2. Luray Caverns- Virginia
  3. Carlsbad Caverns- New Mexico
  4. Fantastic Caverns- Missouri
  5. Ruby Falls- Tennessee
  6. Wind Cave- South Dakota
  7. Natural Bridge Caverns- Texas
  8. DeSoto Caverns- Alabama
  9. Meramec Caverns- Missouri
  10. Craighead Caverns- Tennessee

What are your favorite caves to explore?

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