Bunratty Castle and Folk Park- Ireland

When I began planning our trip to Ireland, I started seeing and hearing the word Bunratty.

Each time I did a search for the best things to do with kids in Ireland, Bunratty appeared at the top of the list. Similarly, I spoke to people about Ireland and Bunratty came up in conversation. It seemed there was no escaping the need to visit this attraction.

I planned our trip using certain tiers of priority. Of course, Bunratty Castle and Folk Park rated high on my list. I can honestly say, it did not disappoint! We had a fabulous afternoon in the village and I am certain my children would have gone back the next day if our schedule allowed it.

Here are just a few of the things we loved about Bunratty Castle and Folk Park:

  1. 1. The Castle Itself: My children had a blast touring the castle. They especially loved climbing the twisty staircases and peaking down into the dungeon. My favorite part of the Castle was the view from the top! I loved seeing beautiful, green Ireland for miles in every direction. The staff members in the Castle were extremely knowledgable and engaged everyone with their fun information.
“Castling” with kids is one of our new favorite family hobbies. They LOVE exploring!
  • 2. The Playground: If there were an actual award for most fun playground, I’m pretty sure the one at Bunratty would win. The design and craftsmanship in the equipment is excellent. The playground includes a very cool zip line, several pulley systems, and neat digging machines. In addition, there are swings for all sizes and some great climbing areas and slides. We could have easily spent our whole afternoon just at the playground.
Fun for the whole family!
  • 3. The Animals: There are animals throughout Bunratty Folk Park. Some are loose, while others are behind fences. My children loved being so close to the animals. We all enjoyed watching them play!
How cute are the little pigs?
  • 4. The Historic Homes: Throughout the Park there are many homes and shops. The charming little streets are fun to stroll around and we really enjoyed peaking into the homes. It was fun to imagine how villagers might have lived. My children especially enjoyed seeing the school!
My daughter declared this house her favorite and the one she wanted to live in.

Logistically it worked best for us to visit on our last full day in Ireland.  Although we experienced a full trip of wonderful adventures, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Bunratty.

My daughter even commented that I’d saved the best plans for last!

Also worth noting- Bunratty has a fabulous gift shop! It was the perfect place for us to purchase some last minute Ireland souvenirs!

To plan your visit to Bunratty Castle and Folk Park visit their website.

*Mom With A Map was hosted during our visit.*

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