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Today’s Favorite Travel Product: Lands’ End Backpack

Traveling with babies was no easy feat. I remember the days well. Our car travel involved a Tetris-style game of attempting to squeeze EVERYTHING we owned into the car. The bellhops at hotels would literally draw straws to see who got stuck with our car when we rolled up.

Air travel was even more of a disaster. We were those people who held up the security line trying to juggle kids, strollers, shoes, and bags. (Thank goodness for pre-check now. We might be the reason for that creation…ha!)

Our kids grew and our travel paraphernalia needs changed.

The major key to our success these days is self-sufficiency. In other words, my children haul their own gear now. In making this transition I spent time researching the ideal bags for them. The qualities I looked for included:

  1. Durability: Our bags go everywhere with us. They get tossed in the car and shoved under airplane seats. We needed bags that could hold up while traveling the world.
  2. Design: The bags needed to be big enough to hold a lot, but not too big for the kids to carry. I also liked the idea of multiple pockets to keep items organized.
  3. Comfort: Again, the whole idea behind our travel bags was for my children to be able to carry them. I wanted a bag with plenty of support and good straps.
A full day of airline travel and these kids are still wearing (and loving) their Lands’ End backpacks!

After looking at just about every bag on the market, I fell in love with the Lands’ End Classmate Backpack.

Aside from all the great color options that my kids enjoy, the backpacks met all of my criteria plus some!

Lands’ End backpacks make the ideal travel bag for kids!

In addition to durability, design and comfort, the bags offered several extra features. Perhaps my favorite- that I didn’t even know I needed- is the technology pocket. We typically travel with iPads and Kindles and I appreciate the padded spot for these to store safely. Also, my children are able to access the technology pocket easily and don’t have to dig through the rest of the bag.

Big enough to hold everything, but small enough to easily store under an airline seat.

The front pockets of the Lands’ End bag are large enough to be functional. My children are easily able to store smaller items for quick access. Additionally, there are several hooks to secure loose items and 2 water bottle holders. Lands’ End also offers custom monogramming.

Big smiles for fun (easy to carry) backpacks!

Our family gives the Lands’ End Classmate Backpack two thumbs up!

My children really enjoy being able to pack and carry their own items. The bags allow them so much independence. And, of course, mom and dad REALLY appreciate that too!

To order yours, visit the Lands’ End Website.

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*Lands’ End is a premier sponsor of Mom With A Map. Product has been provided to our family; however, the opinions expressed in this post are all authentically ours.*

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