Visiting The Blarney Castle and Gardens

The Blarney Castle is, perhaps, one of the most recognizable landmarks in Ireland.

And if you’re traveling to the country, kissing the Blarney Stone is something you can’t miss experiencing! So of course as we planned the perfect trip to Ireland, a visit to The Blarney Castle topped our to-do list.

The short story behind the tradition is that those who kiss the stone receive the gift of eloquence. Or, in other words, the gift of the Irish gab. Though no one questions the legend, the background of the stone causes some debate. Regardless of where the stone came from over 400,000 people line up to kiss it each year.

We did it!

Here are a few things you should know prior to visiting the Blarney Stone:

  • To access the stone you will need to climb up a very narrow, steep staircase.
  • To kiss the stone you must be 8 years old or at the height discretion of the attendant.
  • Although there are bars and someone who will hold your legs for safety, it’s still a very intimidating moment. Those afraid of heights will really struggle (but it’s SO worth it to say you’ve done it!)
  • You must remove any loose objects like sunglasses or hats. It is also a good idea to wear a longer shirt as you will be stretching with your arms over your head.
  • There is someone taking professional pictures that you can purchase. However, you are also allowed to take your own pictures.

In all honesty, we planned to visit the Blarney Castle specifically to kiss the Stone.

However, the words from their website sum up my feelings exactly: “There are those who think that you come to Blarney Castle only to see the Stone. But most leave knowing that the Blarney Stone is only a part of our attraction.”

We loved walking the grounds of the Castle and through the gardens. The flowers were just starting to bloom and the trees were budding- it was gorgeous! My children were happy to run and play. This was the perfect spot for our family to burn off some energy and enjoy the Irish scenery.

Everything about this place is beautiful!

For information on hours and admission, visit the website. Certainly no trip to Ireland is complete without visiting The Blarney Castle and Gardens!

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*Mom With A Map was hosted by Blarney Castle and Gardens during our visit.*

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