Best Small Town Theme Parks To Visit This Summer

Birthdays are always a hot topic at my house.

It doesn’t matter if your birthday is 364 days away, we’re planning for it.

Ironically, it’s not me (anymore)- it’s my children who’ve taken over the topic. They love discussing their pick for birthday meal. There’s always running conversation about parties and the potential guests. And unless it’s right before Christmas, they keep a running birthday wish list.

These conversations have solidified the fact that I’ve achieved my goal of making their birthdays special. Of course, when they’re asked what they love most about their birthday they say things like “it’s because we do fun things together as a family.”

This always strikes me as funny because fun, family things are not limited to birthdays. In fact, most often our birthdays fall on school/work days (like everyone else, obviously!)

Anyway, most of these conversations stay limited to the children’s birthdays. However, the other day my daughter asked “hey Mom, have you decided what you want to do for your birthday this year?” I responded quickly and without much thought. And I followed that up with the fact that we don’t usually make a huge deal out of my birthday.

We are ready for a fun day at Dollywood.

Apparently- though- a new “Mom Birthday Tradition” began last year.

She reminded me that we took a family trip to Dollywood Theme Park.

At the time, it honestly had a lot less to do with my birthday and a lot more to do with it just being a good day for us to go as a family. But, of course she didn’t know that!

Now that she reminded me, though, I LOVED my birthday last year! Our family went to Pigeon Forge to visit a theme park my husband grew up going to as a child. It was the kids and my first time and we had a blast! It was everything Brent remembered from his childhood, plus we made tons of new memories. Dollywood is amazingly family-friendly too.

I had so many great things to say about it that I ended up writing two posts: here and here.

TONS of action in the Country Fair section of Dollywood.

Recently Fox News Travel released a list of the best small town theme parks to visit this summer, and guess which park is #1? That’s right, Dollywood! And since we had such a great time there last summer, I’m kind of thinking my new birthday tradition should be checking out some of these other parks. I’m specifically intrigued by Holiday World in Santa Clause, Indiana. I love all things Christmas so this sounds awesome. Check out Fox News’ full list here.

What are your favorite small town theme parks?

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