Friday Favorite: Tiger Tribe Travel Products

One Hundred And Fifty. That is a rough estimate of the number of hours my children spent in the car on road trips this summer. And really, I think that number is actually on the low side as I just factored in miles (not traffic.) It would be easy to assume they are sick of being in the car. However, it’s quite the opposite. They can’t wait to go again.

It would also be natural to assume that they’ve had their faces stuck in electronics or turned to a DVD player for each of those hundred and fifty hours. But, you’d be wrong again. While I will confess to some electronics time (maybe 20 hours, total?), the majority of their travel time is without.

So what do they do? You might wonder.

Well, we spend a lot of time talking as a family. We sing and dance to our favorite CD’s. We play games such as “I Spy” and the alphabet game (where you have to find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet.) We also take in the scenery around us as we travel. But- when all else fails, I have a collection of portable toys.

This summer I found a new brand that I am LOVING! And my kids are too! The toys are made by Tiger Tribe – a company out of Australia. And they are distributed in the US by Schylling Toys.

Each toy is made with exceptional quality and a cute, kid-friendly design. The products are unique. Even the packaging tells you that the products are special. One of the things that impresses me most about the Tiger Tribe toys is that they provide hours of entertainment. They aren’t products that my children play with for 20 minutes and discard. The products stand up to the test of time- both for my kids attention span, and their quality craftsmanship.

Best of all- many of them are specifically designed for travel. In fact, Tiger Tribe has a set of criteria listed on their website for a toy to earn the coveted “Portable Play” badge. The company realizes “as parents we are always looking for ways to keep kids occupied, ideally with something that involves genuine engagement and that also offers an unplugged screen alternative.” (Tiger Tribe)

We have been using these all summer. The kids are still just as interested as the first time they played.

3 Tiger Tribe Portable Play products that our family particularly enjoys:

  1. Magic Painting World: Painting with a magic water brush
  2. How To Draw:Step-by-step instructions for creating beautiful drawings
  3. The Magnificent World Of ABC: Learning with Letter Magnets and Pictures

To browse a variety of Tiger Tribe products available, visit this Product Link.

*Mom With A Map was provided product by Tiger Tribe. As always, the opinions found in this post are uniquely our own. Additionally, this post contains affiliate links. Mom With A Map will be compensated if a purchase is made.*

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