Friday Favorite: 5 Great Toddler Toys For Airline Travel

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Let’s get real- most people would rather have a root canal than fly on an airplane with a toddler. And I think that goes for the parents as well as fellow travelers!

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Although I’ve never had a root canal for comparison- I have flown A LOT with toddlers. And it’s really not all THAT bad if you’re properly armed with the right entertainment.

 Of course, when I look for great toddler toys for airline travel I always keep in mind weight/size and the volume control. Many people feel the only thing worse that an toddler on an airplane, is a toddler with an obnoxiously loud toy! I also make sure the toys don’t have too many detachable (easy to lose) parts!

Here are 5 of my current favorites:

Of course, these toddler toys are just in addition to some good old coloring books and snacks!

I also recommend bringing headphones so toddlers can enjoy any inflight entertainment options. (My children have never been big fans of the earbuds provided by airlines.)

Our favorite brand for toddlers is Kidz Gear HeadphonesIn addition to having fantastic ratings, they are also comfortable and affordable!

What are your favorite tips and toddler toys for airline travel?

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