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Most days I consider myself the exact opposite of a hoarder. In fact, I tend to purge a little too efficiently. For example, I have a running joke/fight with my husband about onion choppers. Does anyone ACTUALLY use them? You know those weird contraptions that you pump up and down over an onion to chop it up into little pieces (Example)? I’m pretty sure it originated as an infomercial product.

Personally, I find the gadget completely useless. 9 times out of 10 I just use a good old-fashion knife to chop onions. And then once in a blue moon if I need a lot chopped I get out my food processor.

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Anyway, I didn’t realize this was an item my husband felt strongly about. And so in purging our “extra” kitchen items- I’ve donated a chopper not just once, but twice. It was the strangest thing- about 3 months after donating the first one, a replacement showed up in the deep recesses of my cabinets. I assumed we just randomly always had two. And so I donated the second one.

The whole story came to light when my husband tore our kitchen apart one Thanksgiving looking for the brand new chopper. Of course, I had to confess that I’d given away his (self proclaimed) “FAVORITE” kitchen tool…twice.

I haven’t lived that down yet. And now, whenever I get the urge to purge I have to seek approval from my husband (who may or may not actually be a hoarder!)

I’m sure you’re wondering what my long winded story has to do with kid books for travel. Honestly- not a whole lot. Ha! But, all that to say- when it comes to books- I might have a tiny problem. I LOVE them. I collect them. And I’m slightly obsessed with really good ones.

Ever since my children were very little, I’ve used books as an awesome travel tool. I love to read books with them to prepare them for places we’re visiting. I think the education and information helps them to process trips on a different level. It also helps younger children know what to expect and get excited for what’s to come. Additionally, I feel like books make incredible trip souvenirs!

There’s absolutely no way I could highlight ALL of my favorite kid books for travel; however, this post will give you a little idea of some books to be on the lookout for and how you can use books to help with travel.

As I mentioned, there are millions of options! These are just a few that we have in our collection- and that we LOVE! All of the ones that feature a particular city come in a wide variety of locations. You can quickly and easily do an Amazon search to find whatever destination you’re looking for!

What are your favorite kid books for travel?

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