5 Unique Theme Parks To Visit With Kids

Every theme park offers families the opportunity to make memories.

Some of these places are known for being magical and others thrilling. There’s no doubt the days spent at parks like Disney, Universal, Legoland, 6 Flags and similar places will be among the best.

However, have you ever considered thinking outside the box on your next adventure? Why not try one of these 5 unique theme parks?

Located in West Berlin, NJ Diggerland USA is one of the most unique theme parks in the country!
  1. Diggerland USA: It is a toss up who thinks this place is more fun- kids or parents! The construction themed park allows you to get hands on with some of the coolest ACTUAL equipment. Guests are able to operate specially outfitted machines (making it a totally safe park!) as if you were on a real construction site. And, even more impressive- Diggerland USA makes a special effort to cater to special needs families.
  2. Holiday World: Does anyone else wish it could be Christmas all year long? Well- at Holiday World, it is! Enjoy fun rides such as Reindeer Games and a roller coaster called Rudolph’s Round Up. Guests of the park will also love Santa’s Story Time and sing-a-long.
  3. Dinosaur World: With 3 locations across the US- Florida, Texas and Kentucky- families will find it easy to travel back to prehistoric times. Visitors to these unique theme parks will enjoy freely and safely roaming among the larger-than-life animals. There are also educational shows and interactive exhibits where everyone in the family can learn a little more about dinosaurs.
  4. Story Land: What was your favorite fairy tale as a child? How would you feel about becoming a part of it! And yes, it’s every bit as enchanting as it sounds! At Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire guests will enjoy riding their way through classic childhood favorites. Story Land is a truly memorable theme park where children will always remember “once upon a time…”
  5. Thomas Land: I have yet to meet a child who- at some point- didn’t love Thomas The Train. Now, families can enjoy an entire theme park dedicated to the beloved blue engine. Thomas Land is a theme park within Edaville Family Amusement Park which also features Cran Central and Dino Land. Thomas Land features lots of fun rides with all the recognizable Thomas and Friends characters!

What other unique theme parks has your family visited?

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