Travel Checklist: Everything To Do The Day Before Vacation

Hopefully you’ve been following along as we’ve shared our vacation countdown checklists. If you missed any of them, don’t forget to go back and complete 8-weeks4-weeks and the week before travel lists.

More than ever before, I am feeling incredibly prepared and organized going into our big summer vacation. Although there is still a lot left for the “crunch-time” the day before vacation, I have a ton of the work complete!

The final day before vacation is a great time to organize for your children to play at a friend’s house, or hire a babysitter to take your children to the pool or movies. If neither of those things are possible, designate one area of the house for your children to play and consider letting them watch a movie or do a special activity that will keep them occupied while you complete the final trip details.

The day before vacation will undoubtably be the busiest- but also the most exciting since your trip has finally arrived!

Travel Checklist: Everything To Do The Day Before Vacation

  • Pet: If you have made arrangements to board your animal, it’s always best to take them the day before. Don’t forget to include any toys, food or medication. If you are leaving your animal at home, make sure you clean their spaces, and have plenty of food, treats, etc.
  • Charge Everything: The day before vacation is the time to charge everything you will take on the trip. I always plug in my camera batteries, fitness trackers, kindles, etc. With the exception of cell phones, I typically go ahead and pack all of these things up (with their charging cords.)
  • Refrigerator: Clean out everything in your fridge that will spoil during the duration of your trip. We try to leave as little as possible in our fridge so if I have an extra second- it’s a great time to wipe down the shelves. I also make a quick list on my phone of the items we have to have upon returning. Of course, this isn’t a complete, big grocery list- but just a few items that will make our first 24-hours back at home possible.
  • Car: Whether we are flying or driving, I always try to fill my gas tank up the day before we travel. My kids also love to help me get the car washed. Even if the car sits in the garage for the whole time we’re gone, it’s SO nice to come home to clean cars with full tanks of gas.
  • Straighten: At this point, there is no time for deep cleaning (hopefully you’ve gotten some of that done in the week leading up to your trip!) But I do always make a point of straightening my house before I leave. I have my kids pick up their bedrooms and play room. And I do a quick vacuum of the whole house (incidentally, the iRobot Roomba has been life changing for me. It’s my favorite product ever and it is so handy for people who travel often because you can even schedule it to run while you are gone!)
  • Last Minute List: I always make a last minute list in the week leading up to our trip. I try to make one final visit to the store on the day before vacation so that I’m not making 10 quick runs for 1 thing throughout the week leading up to our trip. This is also when I purchase any perishable items I plan to take on the trip (ex. bananas.)
  • Cash: While I am out running my last minute errands, I always make sure to get a little cash for the trip. It’s helpful to have small bills for things such as tips and valet.
  • Load/Organize Car: Especially if you are going to take your car on the trip, it’s best to get it organized the night before. We love getting everything set to go- like our chargers in place, and our snack basket, etc. We also load as much of our stuff as possible (and it’s always a gigantic game of Tetris!) to make it easier on us the next day.

As you might have guessed- we are THISCLOSE to leaving for our own epic summer vacation across America. We are super excited and can’t wait to share all of our fun adventures. Be sure to follow Mom With A Map on our various Social Media channels. I will be posting periodic updates on our website too.

What else do you do the day before vacation?

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