How To Prepare For A Hurricane When You Don’t Live On The Coast

I live about 200 miles from the Carolina coast.  As you’re probably aware, Hurricane Florence has been targeting us all week.

The weather predictions for our area have been all over the map. Days ago the forecasters said we’d likely receive hurricane force winds as Florence barreled through. Then the models swung the storm north and I anticipated we might have sunny skies and no weather issues. Currently, we’re expecting close to a foot of rain.

But let’s be honest…who really knows?

As the predictions changed, our family has been trying to just go with the flow (pun intended!) We’ve prepared, but we aren’t going crazy.

I saw a meme on social media this morning that inspired me to write this post:

Yes, that’s right. There are hurricanes and potential hurricanes all over the place!

So I decided to share a little bit about how to prepare for a hurricane when you don’t live on the coast. Let me preface these tips by saying two very important things:

  1. This is not intended to be advice for anyone in an evacuation zone. Or any other location where you feel unsafe riding out the storm.
  2. We used to live in Florida. This isn’t my first trip to the hurricane rodeo. I’m neither a novice nor an expert. Just a Type A girl who likes to be prepared without receiving too many eye rolls from my husband for my proactive preparation!

So, with that, here are a few tips to prepare for a hurricane. The first couple are no brainers. I’m only adding them so you can check these items off a list if you’re personally preparing.

  1. The gas tanks in both of our cars are full.
  2. I purchased a lot of bottled water. As a side note, there is NOTHING wrong with filling up water storage tanks at home. I was able to find bottled water early in the week and it’s obviously more convenient.
  3. We created a “hurricane staging area” (fun project for the kids!) We put all of our flashlights, candles, batteries, and Portable Chargers in this area.
  4. Our pantry is full of non-perishable items that we can eat without power (don’t forget that you’ll need items like a non-electric can opener)
  5. We brought all of our patio furniture and door decorations inside.
  6. My husband bought an extra bag of charcoal for our grill. He also removed the grill cover so we don’t lose it in the storm. We have a heavy ceramic smoker so it won’t budge in high winds (we don’t think)- but a lot of my neighbors brought their smaller grills into the garage.)
  7. I cleaned out two of our tubs that we plan to fill with water. I have NO plans to drink this water…but it will be there if worse comes to worse.
  8. Speaking of that, I’m allowing a free-for-all in the fridge and freezer currently. We are attempting to eat as much of the food that will likely spoil as possible.
  9. We heeded advice and got some cash out of the ATM. I’m still not 100% sure why this is important. But I’ve been told, repeatedly, it’s necessary.
  10. I would say the one questionably excessive thing I ordered in advance of this storm is an Emergency Weather Radio.

For the most part, the above advice is somewhat mandatory if you’re in an area that will get hit by hurricane weather.

Here are a few more “fun” or “first-world” tips to prepare for a hurricane to make the duration more comfortable.

  1. I did all of our laundry and put fresh sheets on all the beds. If we lose power, it could be out for a while.
  2. One of my children is very afraid of the dark. I ordered some Glow Sticks  to make nighttime (with total darkness) more fun.
  1. 3. We froze a jar of water in each of our freezers and placed a penny on top. Depending on how long our power stays out, we should be able to tell if our food spoiled. Read more about this tip: Summer Travel Trick With A Penny
  2. 4. I have paper plates and plastic utensils ready to go if we lose power.
  3. 5. Lastly, I brewed some extra coffee this morning and stuck it in the fridge. Again, if we lose power, I’ll enjoy having that caffeine!
  4. 6. As I mentioned in my last post, I love taking pictures! In order to save our cell phone batteries, I charged up all of our camera batteries so we can take most of our shots on the “real” camera.

I hope this helps everyone prepare for a hurricane (Florence, or any other one that you’ve been assigned!) I’ll do my best to update on the Mom With A Map instagram account throughout the storm as it hits!

Stay safe!

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For much more official information, visit the National Hurricane Service website.

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