2018: That’s A Wrap


It’s not often that I stare at a blank screen waiting for the words to come. But now is one of those times.

*I realize as you read this, the space between that sentence and the next means nothing. But for me, it was about 2 days of hoping more words would type themselves!*

First of all, it might be a complete cliche to say this…but I cannot believe how quickly this year flew by! It feels like I was just writing the ending to 2017! (In fact, I ACTUALLY looked at my planner to check the year before I started typing this. No kidding. The fact that it’s almost 2019 is just too hard to believe!)

Secondly, to say that our family was blessed in 2018 would be an understatement!

Holy cow. We put our toes down in 27 different states this year! In fact, once this year all four of us had our toes down in different states. (Yes, I’m milking that particular occurrence for ALL it’s worth since I’ve not been shy about writing how it will never happen again!)

More than just the sheer volume of places we were able to travel to this year, the experiences were- without question- the best part of our year. We fed an elephant. Miller got to fist-bump David Freese. We almost froze watching the Macy’s parade on the streets of New York. We walked along the rim of the Grand Canyon. And almost got peed on by a tiger (not at the Grand Canyon…in case you were wondering!)

Our family watched a paleontologist uncover a mammoth fossil. Mary Grace rode a horse down the beach. I shopped at Magnolia Market. We sang our alma mater’s fight song in the subway at 2AM. We camped out in the desert (okay, not really…technically we were in a hotel.) And we ate ice cream in the ‘Ice Cream Capital of the World.’  Well, if I’m being honest here- we ate ice cream in A LOT of places!

I could go on and on. Apparently I found words!

The bottom line…

We drove a lot. Slept a little. And made a lifetime of memories. Check it out:

None of this would be possible without our incredible sponsors. We are truly grateful for each and every opportunity. Being trusted to represent your brand means the world to us!

Now, as we do every year, our family is going to take the next 10 days off from this website to celebrate Christmas. (Although I’ll periodically be on social media so make sure you’re following us there- FacebookInstagramTwitter.) We pray that everyone has a very merry Christmas! And we look forward to being back in 2019.

Again, thanks for following us throughout all of our 2018 adventures!

*Fun Fact: The cover picture for this post is the actual front of my 2018 Travel Planner from May Designs. It has truly been an extension of me for the last year and I felt like it needed to be included in this wrap up piece.

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