2020: Where We’ve Been And Where We’re Going

Does anyone else feel like 2020 came in a little hot?

I mean, one second it was Thanksgiving. Then I blinked and New Year’s Eve parties started. For that matter, it seems like the Y2K hype wasn’t all that long ago. And now it’s 20 years later.

Typically I sit down mid-December and write my first post to be published in the New Year. It’s always full of optimism, resolutions and enthusiasm. In light of how this post started, do I even need to tell you that I never sat down to write one this year?

(If you’re here looking for that type of inspiration, go back and read my 2019 New Year’s Post.)

I seriously debated not even acknowledging the New Year on this site.

I have so much great content that I’m excited to share and since we’re already a week into 2020 it seems somewhat appropriate to just keep moving forward. However, I decided it would be remiss of me to not at least mention where we’ve been and where we’re going.

The New Year brought the start of a new decade, which inspires people to reflect. Here’s a brief little summary of the last 10 years for our family, specifically with regards to travel and Mom With A Map:

  • Lived in 4 states- Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and North Carolina
  • Completed our family with Miller in 2012
  • Started Mom With A Map LLC in 2016
  • Visited 48 states as a family of 4
  • Traveled to 3 new countries
  • Wrote book and signed contract with publisher

It’s been an exciting decade, to say the least!

I’m not going to lie, it’s a tiny bit intimidating trying to follow that one up. However, we’re all very excited about everything coming up!

While I can’t even begin to guess all of the fun things that will happen over the next year…here are a few on my radar for this spring:

  • Cricket Catches the Travel Bug launches March 24, 2020
  • Book #2 of Cricket’s Travel Adventures heads to print
  • We’ll travel to a few of our favorite cities including Lexington, Nashville and Atlanta

In addition, we’ve got another big project in the works. As well as some really fun new collaborations. I can’t wait to share more details in the upcoming months.

For now, here’s a little sneak peak at one of my favorite illustrations in the book and the story behind it…

First time these two kids rode Uber

This picture was taken the very first time my kiddos rode in an Uber.

All day leading up to the Braves baseball game we’d discussed that we’d be riding an Uber to and from the stadium. No one asked questions.

But then when a car pulled up outside our hotel, they were both super disappointed. Miller acknowledged that he thought an Uber was an animal. Mary Grace instantly agreed that she’d had higher expectations than “just a car.”

So, of course, as I wrote about Cricket’s first adventure…she had to have a misunderstanding over the concept of an Uber. I think my illustrator, Jami, captured exactly what Mary Grace and Miller expected:

Excerpt from the new children's book, Cricket Catches The Travel Bug

On another note, you might also notice some changes to the website over the next couple of months.

We are working hard to better organize our content. We’ll transition into a more official landing page for Travel Bug Tales (Cricket’s adventure books.) And, of course, we’ll make sure all of the travel resource posts are available and easily searchable.

Finally, based on feedback from our subscribers, I’m going to attempt to share more about our day to day life. We’ve specifically gotten a lot of questions about worldschooling and the book publishing process. I’m excited to share all of that information along with some behind-the-scenes peeks!

I’ll end with 1 New Year’s Resolution from everyone:

Sarah: Read through the entire Bible in 2020. Incidentally, I’m using The Bible App on my phone to read aloud the chapters each day, and following along with The Bible Recap Podcast. So far, it’s easy and I’m really enjoying it!

Brent: Cook fish at least once a week in 2020. He wants to learn how to cook all kinds of fish- if you have a tried and true favorite, send the recommendation our way!

Mary Grace: Learn 2 more languages in 2020. I can’t even with this girl! She is rocking her Latin studies. I think she’s going to try her hand at Spanish and French this year too. But, that could change.

Miller: Eat more ice cream in 2020. There’s one in every family. Haha!

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement in 2019!

If you missed it, here’s our recap video:

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