The Day We Said “Stop Traveling To Save Lives”

Today I joined forces with some of my favorite travel bloggers to send an important message: “Stop traveling to save lives.”

The 9 of us represented in this picture have traveled all over the world, and it’s all of our jobs to write about it. Except now. Now is when we send the message that it’s okay to stay home. Travel can wait.

Trust me when I say, I wish things were different right now.

I know I speak for everyone when I say, we can’t wait to get back to traveling! In the meantime these ladies have some pretty awesome content on their blogs. If you’re looking for some fun stories and incredible travel inspiration, check out their sites!

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My Favorite Travel Bloggers Who Don’t Normally Advise To Stop Traveling!:

Minivan Adventures

April and her family live in the midwest and her website focuses on sharing unique adventures that are fun, memorable, educational and affordable. One thing I love most about Minivan Adventures is her passion for books and tying them into travel. It’s hard to pick my favorite post of hers, but I think it’s this one: I Dare You To Do These 5 Things At The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Have Diapers WIll Travel

Kate’s blog, Have Diapers WIll Travel, was one of the first ones I stumbled on after I started travel blogging. I hate that I didn’t know her when I lived in Orlando because I think we would have been best friends. She is a total Disney expert and posts a ton about the food there, which always makes me jealous. She also travels internationally often. Recently her family visited Everglades National Park and her post has me dying to go!

Mom With A Map

So this is me (Sarah) and our website, Mom With A Map, is all about telling the adventures and misadventures we have while traveling with our kiddos. We share tips, products and favorite destinations. Our original goal was to take our kids to all 50 states before they turn 18 (we’re at 48 right now!) I think I’m most known for keeping it real. My most popular posts are the ones where our travel doesn’t go perfectly. A recent example: Montana Misadventure.

Happy Trails Hiking

As you might expect from the name of Kay’s website, Happy Trails Hiking, is ALL about the outdoors. She does a really great job of sharing her love for America’s Public Lands and National Parks. I’ve gotten so many great ideas from her and honestly following her has really helped me fall in love with National Parks! In addition to the blog, she kills it on YouTube. Definitely check out her channel and watch the intro video. You’ll be hooked!

Travel With The Butlers

Katrina is one of the coolest people to follow on Instagram because she is ALWAYS traveling. She’s taken her cutie patootie daughter to all 50 states, and traveled all over the world. Their family is really into cruising with Princess Cruise Lines and she shares tons of cool experiences. Definitely check out her instagram account and blog!

5 For The Road

Leah is all about using travel to bond with her 3 kiddos. She loves to encourage other families to embrace their own adventures by creating family connections and memories. Like us, they started traveling when their kids were very young. She’s got tons of great content on her site (especially about theme parks!), but my favorite post of hers is 7 Reasons Traveling With Your Kids Is Worth It.

More Than Main Street

Julie is a relatively new favorite of mine, but I’m so obsessed with her website, More Than Main Street. Her mission is to help families choose more experiences and less things. Use caution when visiting her website! You will get sucked in reading everything and not even realize that hours have passed. My favorite blogs are her Travel Kids Tell All posts.

Gleason Family Adventures

Brandy’s website, Gleason Family Adventures, is full of amazing travel information that she’s compiled from years of travel with her 8 children, 2 son-in-laws and 3 grandchildren. She’s passionate about educating, encouraging and helping her children, grandchildren and others develop a love for the outdoors and help learn to leave no trace. I especially love her 3 Reasons To Go On A Historical Road Trip Vacation post.

Suitcase and a Map

Nicole, from Suitcase and a Map, and I connected through a Facebook group dedicated to travel and we instantly became virtual friends. We’ve had a lot of the same travel experiences and I relate to so many things she posts! She loves a good road trip and does an incredible job giving comprehensive tips for all the places she writes about. For example, check out this awesome post she did called A Family Guide To Badlands National Park.

Although all of us are working together right now to send the message “stop traveling” I hope you’ll enjoy reading about some of their past adventures.

There’s a lot of travel inspiration found on all these websites!

I’d love for you to take the time to connect with everyone on social media too (we won’t all be sending the message to “stop traveling” for very long!)

There are a lot of travel plans on hold in this group as we’ve all stopped traveling for now. But we can’t wait to see the places we’ll all go when this is over!

Where are you hoping to travel to soon?

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