World’s Largest Starbucks

I consider myself a fairly reasonable spender. I’m far from frugal, but definitely not over-indulgent. I enjoy getting a good deal, using coupons and value based shopping. But I have a SERIOUS guilty pleasure…Starbucks coffee. Not just Starbucks coffee, but a Grande White Chocolate Mocha with no whip and no foam, to be specific.

I *try* to limit myself on a weekly basis for the sake of our budget. Most days I attempt to make my own White Chocolate Mocha at home using a Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte Maker, but it’s SO not the same. Naturally, when we travel, I take every opportunity to stop at Starbucks. (And no, a local coffee shop- although charming- will not do.)

At one point a friend even teased me that there were almost as many pictures of my Starbucks cups on social media as my children. But, if I’m being honest, it’s a very important component to my travel!

Travel with Starbucks!

This week Starbucks opened their biggest store to date in Shanghai, China. Although China has never been too high on my travel bucket list (I know, some people think I’m crazy that I’m not dying to go there…but that’s a story for another post) I might have to reconsider. This store sounds incredible!

According to Starbucks, the almost 30,000 square foot space is a “show” store in the heart of a high traffic, very touristy area. A few notable features:

  • Enormous copper casts for storing coffee beans
  • Specialized tea bar that offers nitrogen cold brewed tea
  • Ability to book coffee tastings online
  • An 88 foot long coffee bar (the world’s longest)

So this place might be my one main reason for wanting to visit Shanghai now! However, for other Starbucks fans who aren’t ready to make the intercontinental flight, there is exciting news. In 2019 the company will open an even bigger store (at 43,000 square feet) on Michigan Avenue in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. You can bet that one will be on my bucket list too!

Do you have a favorite drink at Starbucks?

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