Hypothetically, could someone take 5 days off work and see all 48 continental states? Assuming, for a second, one could travel from Saturday through Sunday of the following week, is it possible? Yesterday I would have said, “no way.” Today, I’m saying it’s a possibility!

Map and mathematical expert, Randy Olson, has figured out the most streamline way to drive to all 48 state capitals, plus Washington D.C. Without any traffic, bathroom breaks, food stops, or sleep…the drive would take you exactly 8 and a half days.

In my recent post, Must-Do Attractions In Every State, I detailed our desire to take our children to all 50 states before they turn 18. While this trip is certainly appealing (in the sense that we’d knock out 96% of our goal!) I’m not sure how memorable our trip would be for the kids. Actually, I take that back, I’m sure the trip would be VERY memorable. However, I’m not sure how positive those memories would be for them!


For our family 8.5 days just isn’t going to cut it. But there are two things I like about this particular map. First, it’s really exciting knowing that it is a possibility. I mean, technically speaking, it CAN BE DONE. That’s pretty cool. Factor in a day of flying, and you could actually get to all 50 in under 10 days (I think…there is nothing mathematical or researched about that statement!)

Secondly, it’s nice to know the best route through the states. At some point we will hit the road, and we will use this map as a starting point. I will, obviously, want to add a billion more stops along the way- an itinerary that would probably make Olsen crazy. This is a great reference, though, for planning a road trip that includes multiple states!

Click here to view the interactive map and read more about the different route options.

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