*On our recent journey across America, The Dallas Zoo graciously offered to host our family for a visit. We were super excited to check it out- and report back on the 5 reasons why you need to visit too!*

When I plan travel for our family, there are so many details to consider. Once I’ve narrowed down the geographic locations, I begin to look at activities in the area. And one question I always ask:

“Does this city have a zoo?”

If the answer is “yes” then I immediately begin to read reviews and weigh the importance of priortizing a visit. We’ve been blessed with our travels and therefore have accidentally become connoisseurs of zoos. We’ve learned over the years that not all zoos are created equal. And, not all of them are ideal for our family.

Additionally, I’ve learned that there are only so many zoos my husband is willing to visit during any given trip. As you might imagine, traveling through 21 states afforded us A LOT of opportunity to visit zoos. I knew going into our trip that I really needed to be selective on which ones our family would visit.

Here are a few reasons why I picked The Dallas Zoo to visit and why we’d recommend it to other families:

  1. Giraffe Feeding: My children are both absolute animal lovers. Any opportunity to get up close and personal with a special animal instantly becomes the highlight of their day (or week!) The Dallas Zoo has an awesome giraffe feeding station. Although this experience is not included with the price of admission, it is TOTALLY worth paying a few dollars extra. 
  2. Easy Viewing: One of the (many) things that really impressed us at the Dallas Zoo was how easy it was to view the animals. The habitats allow the animals plenty of natural space, but at the same time guests of the zoo get to be up close. Most of the encounters have multiple viewing spots so that you are able to see the animals from various angles. 
  3. Comfortable Atmosphere: Generally speaking, Texas is know for its hot temperatures. And our visit fell on a particularly hot day in May. We were a bit worried that our family would find the zoo unbearable for a lengthy visit. However, we were so surprised to find TONS of great shade! There are also lots of air conditioned places to cool off including the reptile exhibit and several restaurants throughout the zoo. Despite the afternoon temperatures topping 100 degrees, we were comfortable. We ended up spending several hours more at the zoo than we anticipated! 
  4. Location: The Dallas Zoo is located adjacent to downtown! This makes it an ideal location if you are hoping to visit some other attractions in the area. Additionally, there is ample parking!
  5. Dedicated Children’s Area: One thing that we particularly love about this zoo is the massive children’s area. There is a huge play zone with some water features. There is also a petting zoo where children can get more hands on with some sweet barnyard friends. 

With over 2000 animals, the Dallas Zoo is the largest (and oldest) in the state of Texas!

If you are going to be in the Dallas area, OR if you’re just looking for a great destination Zoo to visit- our family HIGHLY recommends The Dallas Zoo! Visit their website for more details on admission, hours of operation, etc.

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