I always love seeing what other people consider “necessary” when traveling with a baby. I find some lists unbelievably minimal, others completely practical and occasionally a ridiculous list. I, myself, have fallen into each of those categories at one point or another so trust me when I say- no judgement!

I can confidently say that in the long run, you and your baby will survive a vacation no matter what you do or don’t pack. We traveled extensively throughout the first year of both of our children’s lives. Most trips I over prepared. And every trip I forgot at least one or two “crucial” things.


We’ve traveled by car with a baby. On those trips I had the luxury of packing everything but the kitchen sink. We also traveled by plane with a baby. Somehow I kept everything we needed for the entire trip under the 50 pound luggage weight restriction. The good news is that in all of those instances, I had everything I needed. It’s amazing how little you can survive with when you don’t have the option to pack more!

However, I will concede that having some essentials makes life a lot easier. Vacationing with a baby can be challenging enough! And thats why I’m always interested to see what others consider important for a baby packing list.

I stumbled on a list from the North Phoenix Moms Blog recently. I will admit, of the 5 items listed, 2 of them were never on my radar when I traveled with a baby. But I think the list is very interesting and well thought out! I love the idea of traveling with painters tape (that was one of the items that NEVER crossed my mind!) It’s total genius!

Painters Tape

If you’re confused how painters tape made the “5 Items I Will Never Forget To Pack When Traveling With A Baby” read the full post here.

What is the one baby item you can’t travel without?

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