As of a few days ago, the last of my Christmas decorations secured their place in storage. I would celebrate this accomplishment; however, I’m well aware that some manage to have theirs packed away by New Year’s Day.

With that victory aside, I’m ready to look toward the next major holiday- Valentine’s Day.

Not being the overly sentimental type, my expectations for the day are always pretty low. In fact, I’ve always discouraged flowers, jewelry and candy (I truly hate receiving them!) Lest you think I’m a total Valentine’s scrooge, I will say receiving a gift card for a house cleaner was, undoubtedly, the best gift EVER.

My husband knows me well.

All that to say, I ran into a little hiccup last year. I realized I’m raising a daughter who has no regard for the sweet, wonderful spirit of Valentine’s Day. When asked to independently decorate a shoebox for a card exchange with her classmates, I assumed she’d use pretty colors and heart stickers. I even set out supplies.

The result was anything but love inspiring.

Classically her, but certainly NOT Valentine-ish.

If this doesn’t scream “be my Valentine,” I don’t know what does!?!?

So I resolved after the “situation” last year that I would make an attempt over the next few years to act more excited about the girly aspect of the holiday. Naturally, I’ve decided a Valentine’s get-away is the perfect way to start!

Here are 5 great ideas if you’re looking for a little trip to take this Valentine’s Day:

Staycation: Perhaps the most obvious, and certainly the easiest- spend a night out IN your town. Go to a new-to-you restaurant, check out a new-to-you activity and find a cool hotel.

Big City: Choose a big city- either close or far- and spend the weekend exploring.

River Cruise: This is one of the hottest new trends in travel. It’s a great way to see a couple of destinations without changing hotels every night.

Hobby Destination: Go somewhere that you can do a favorite hobby. Golf, ride horses, camp, or explore an art museum. Pick one of your favorite pastimes that you don’t find time to do often enough!

Event Destination: Similar to a hobby destination, pick something special you can do or see in a city other than yours. Find out where your favorite singer will be performing, and go to the concert. Or travel to a show or favorite sporting event.

February 14, 2017

 Also worth noting- February 14th falls on a Tuesday this year. Therefore, 2 weekends technically “count” as Valentine’s Day weekend.

Are you planning a Valentine’s get-away this year? If so, where are you going?

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