LEGOLAND attracts thousands of guests each year.

To make the most out of your experiences, here are 5 things you should know before your trip:

  1. Distance from Orlando/Tampa: LEGOLAND is not located with all of the other Central Florida theme parks. In fact, its a full 45 minute drive from that area. If you are coming from Downtown Orlando it will be even further (and more than likely you will experience traffic.) The park is also a 45 minute drive from Tampa. I am not necessarily recommending that you stay in Winter Haven, but knowing your travel time may help you plan your day. Winter Haven does offer a few hotels in addition to the LEGOLAND Hotel on property.
  2. Height Requirements: As with most major theme parks, LEGOLAND established height requirements for most of the rides. Many of the rides require an adult to accompany small children. Spending some time looking over the height requirements may help your family enjoy their day a bit more. A couple times my 4-year old son ended up disappointed when he could not ride. Likewise, I had 2 children at the park by myself. If my daughter had been 1 inch shorter, I would have really struggled to balance the need to ride with both kids on several of the rides (as a single-parent for the day.)                                           LEGOLAND Height Requirements
  3. Food Policy: LEGOLAND is extremely liberal with their food policy. They allow guests to bring snacks, drinks and even small soft coolers into the park. Bringing your own food will save you lots of money. Not only that, but your children are guaranteed to have food they will enjoy. You will also be able to cater to certain food restrictions or allergies. Be sure to review the policy rules before your trip.
  4. Age Recommendations: Unlike many of the other theme parks, LEGOLAND is specifically geared towards children between 2 – 12. There are even several small play areas for toddlers (children under 2) and many rides that very small children will enjoy. Most of the rides at the park are very basic. They are really fun, but not necessarily designed for thrill seeking teenagers or adults. My 4-year old son was tall enough to go on all but 2 of the rides. None of the roller coasters go upside down or do any crazy spins/turns. That being said, LEGOLAND is the perfect theme park for a very specific age range.
  5. Ticket Pricing: LEGOLAND offers a significant discount for people purchasing their tickets in advance. If you buy online at least 2 days prior to your visit, you save at least $20 depending on your ticket choice. You should also search the internet for ‘buy one get one free’ ticket coupons.

What are your LEGOLAND Tips?

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*LEGOLAND hosted our family during our visit*

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Things You Should Know Before You Visit LEGOLAND

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