Although we are still a week away from the official start of winter, the weather across much of the country has been in winter-mode for at least a week. Traveling during the winter can be so much fun. However, there are some extra things you should keep in mind.

When snow suddenly hits the forecast, it can definitely have a big effect on travel!

Here are 5 tips for traveling this winter:

  1. Extra Time: Winter travel can involve a bit more time. There are often weather delays that affect your ability to arrive/depart according to your plans. If you are specifically traveling for an event, I highly recommend you allow extra travel time. Also, it is usually better to travel in the morning. At that time there is less of a buildup of travel delays and more options to get to your destination.
  2. Prepare For Anything: If you are traveling by car, be sure to have a few extra items on hand. I promise- I learned from experience that you never know when you’ll need something. Read about the time we got stuck on an interstate in a blizzard here: Not Quite What We Planned. Good things to have in the car include: blankets, water, and food. In addition, it’s always good to keep your gas tank topped off.
  3. Fight Germs: Admittedly, I can be a tad of a germ freak year round- but I’m especially on high alert during the winter months when sickness seems to peak. I am a big fan of hand washing, but I still travel with wipes to clean my children’s hands if soap/water aren’t available. We also take lots of preventative measures (particularly prior to travel)- including getting extra sleep, Elderberry Syrup, eating healthy, and diffusing Thieves Essential Oil.
  4. Hydrate: Along with fighting germs, we do our best to fight dehydration. For some reason, drinking lots of water during the summer comes more naturally. Travel (especially air travel) can dehydrate you quickly! Be sure to load up on extra water when you travel during the winter.
  5. Back Up Plan: Winter weather can be so unpredictable! Always try to have a few back up activities in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. We have gone to snowy places in February that have been way too warm to do any of the activities we planned. And likewise, we have been unprepared when the weather should have been tropical and it wasn’t. Be sure to pack a variety of clothing options and have a few ideas of alternative activities you can do in the area.

Winter travel is worth the extra hassle!

Don’t be discouraged by the need for a little additional planning in the winter. Traveling during the winter can be a lot of fun if you are prepared!

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Tips For Winter Travel

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