I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again- travel isn’t always just about the destination. Often our family enjoys the scenery, and experiences along the route just as much as we enjoy wherever it is we’re going. Driving scenic roads can be one of the best ways to truly see the country!


Sometimes we stumble across a beautiful road by accident. It comes up on our GPS as an alternative route, and we luck out. Other times, we’ve specifically sought out a scenic road. One thing we’ve learned throughout our travels is to always make the time to enjoy it. Days we’ve felt rushed have been some of the worst travel experiences for our family. Likewise, the days we devote to enjoying the journey have been some of the most memorable.


When you take a scenic route, stop oftenTake Pictures. Have your kids put away their electronics. Roll down the windows and take in the smell of the area. Drive as slowly as the road allows. Watch for animals. Appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Be aware of other drivers (pull over to allow others to pass and/or don’t follow too closely behind someone else!) Live in the moment. Point out things you’ve never seen before. And most importantly, thank God for the opportunity. 

Of course, taking the scenic route might prove exhausting for some members of your group!


If you are interested in seeking out some of the best and most scenic roads in the United States, you will love this post on Yahoo Travel. Miller writes “if you never stray from the highway, you’re missing out on all the great slices of Americana.”

Read the full post here to find out the most scenic road in every state.

What is the most memorable road you’ve ever driven?

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