I couldn’t resist straying from my typical “Friday Favorite” concept today. Although I usually post a favorite travel product every Friday, I am in desperate need of some favorite April Fool’s Day pranks for tomorrow!

Last year my 8-year old daughter got me good. Previously, I’d never been much of an “April Fool’s” kind of person. (And, honesty, I’m still not!) However, my husband convinced Mary Grace that it’s the world’s most fun holiday. All day they pulled little pranks at my expense. Despite my slight level of annoyance, I couldn’t help but love how much my daughter loved getting me!

Two of the pranks were actually really good, and the most memorable.  One was the ever-popular rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer. I totally fell for it when she asked me innocently to help her get the dog some fresh water.

I’m already nervous I’m going to fall for this one again- it’s just such a habit using the kitchen sink in the AM before I’m really awake!

The other prank came later in the day when I tried to turn on my bedroom lights. We have switches on the wall and we NEVER use the pull cord on the actual lights. After flipping the switch several times, I assumed all 4 light bulbs burned out. Being resourceful, I tried to change them all. Naturally, even with the new bulbs in place the light didn’t work when I tried the switch again. After watching the entire production my daughter piped up with “April Fool’s!”

Mary Grace pulled several other pranks throughout the day; however, they were all in innocent fun. Last year I was COMPLETELY unprepared- but I want to get her back this year!  I’m definitely not looking to up the stakes- I only want to do things that will be funny and not harmful or hurtful. Help me out with some great ideas!

What are your favorite April Fool’s Day Pranks?

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